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Rothschild Investment Firm Makes More Cryptocurrency Investments through Kraken



Apr 24, 2021

The cryptocurrency industry’s mainstream adoption train just keeps getting larger and faster. Several mainstream institutions just like MicroStrategy and Tesla have already invested in cryptocurrencies. However, they are still hiding their investments to the point when the regulators of their respective countries are disclosing them.

Back in January 2021, when the world got to know about Tesla’s investment in Bitcoin (BTC), the entire world was shocked about it. That was another boost that Bitcoin (BTC) received from Tesla, as investors swarmed to Bitcoin (BTC), to invest their money trusting Tesla’s decision.

It was confirmed that the Securities and Exchange Commission of the US had revealed the information. However, the US SEC did not stop there and revealed the name of another company called Rothschild Investment Firm that had also invested in cryptocurrencies.

It was revealed that Rothschild had made a huge investment in major cryptocurrencies and had its funds stored at Grayscale.

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Just recently, another report has emerged stating that the firm has gone ahead with another investment in cryptocurrencies. This time, however, the Rothschild family has gone ahead with the investment through its venture firm. The name of the Rothschild family’s venture firm is reportedly the RIT Capital Partners. In the past, the particular venture firm was popularly known as the Rothschild Investment Trust.

Just like its previous investment, the firm carried out its investment in cryptocurrencies in secret. On top of that, in order to carry out the investment, it acquired the help of Kraken. Kraken is one of the oldest and most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges in the entire crypto-verse. The sources suggest that the recent investment made by the Rothschild family in cryptocurrencies took place back in January or February.

Numis Securities’ Director of Investment Companies Sales, James Glass, has confirmed the above report. However, Glass had confirmed the reports to the investors not public, as he sent them to the investors through a private note.

He stated that during a webinar held for the RIT Capital, the executives at the RIT Capital dropped the news on Numis Securities’ executives. That was the first time; RIT Capital revealed to them that they had made an investment in cryptocurrencies. The note also stated that the RIT Capital executives confirmed they had carried out the investment via Kraken.

According to the inside sources, Glass did not provide any further details around the investment that RIT Capital had made. He did not confirm when the investment had taken place or how much RIT Capital had invested in cryptocurrencies this time.

In the reports, Glass did mention that Kraken is getting ready to commence a fundraiser and has already sent out notifications to its investors. He stated if the funding round in process by Kraken succeeds, it would bring Kraken’s market capitalization to $20 billion. Glass hinted that RIT Capital firm may also become one of the leading contributors to the fundraising round.


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