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Gaze Coin Initial Coin Offering

Many of us know and have at one time come across complicated terms such as AR and VR. The truth is, there is always time to start learning about things. AR and VR present a different idea and assist in directing the Blockchain technology successfully. Gaze Coin ranks among the operating platforms that assisted AR & VR attain the drive in every way. Below is all the data you require to enlighten you.

First is the description of Gaze Coin

Gaze coin is a Blockchain token with platforms for AR and VR. But, it also presents a medium of exchange of tokens among owners and consumers. Everything is gauged with Gaze control which is a helpful tool that creators use to motivate the developers of AR and VR by giving access to analyze the contents differently.

Learn About VR & AR Now

Virtual Reality describes a technology that is mostly computer-based. It efficiently utilizes virtual reality ideas which use surrounding that at times blends with the physical surrounding to produce realistic images, videos, and some make-believe atmosphere. On the other hand, Augmented Reality is described as a direct outlook on actual life and the world surrounding that provides factors which are either produced or augmented by computers. They assist in setting up using a varied sound, videos, and graphics.

AR vs. VR

VR is mostly immersive while the user has increased freedom with AR. They present a converse mirror replication of each other. Virtual Reality is recognized as serving a digital recreation of an environment that is connected with real life while the objective of augmented reality is to offer virtual effects as well as factors to the overlay going straight to the real world.

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How the Gaze Coin Works

Gaze coin can be specified as a tool that is utilized to set up the world of Virtual Reality. Very soon, the VR content manufacturers also assisted in including another feature to the studio. It helped in making the audience embark on a journey to any particular area they wish.

Management and Handling of Everything

The developers and creators pay the promoters for a ‘gaze’ token representing the Gaze coin. Afterward, the developers make another payment to the promoter also known as the Fan Payment. Now the promoter has every power to give a prize to the fan that planned to take part. The awards can range from products, tickets or a type of service. Gaze coin offers an overall of 10% of the user present in the development pool. By using this, the creators are inspired to produce the premium contracts inattention to the individuals. Also, the mechanism used in the procedure handles the contents depending on their inclusion and exclusion which occurs in the virtual world.

The Issues & Solutions

The main crucial issue that Gaze coin is experiencing is as a result of lack of content that is ad-based within AR and VR. It produces two models: payment is either done beforehand or via a subscription. These models bring more problems like:

• Credit Cards become a form of limitation when obtaining premium subscription contents.

• There is no incentive apart from the general inquisitiveness in the minds of users.

• The originality of the content that is driven by users.

How the issues are dealt with

1. Gaze Control: It assists in concentrating on the relevant content and vision mostly by using audios.

2. Gaze Measurement: The models facilitate the summing up of the overall number of users who delve into the contents and ensure they carry out a micropayment that certifies two things:

• The owners get proper payment.

• The advertisers incur charges in the course of the procedure.

• Giving prizes to users who involved them in using the relevant content.

3. Gaze Coin Blockchain: It guarantees that the Gaze coin grows from its share of Blockchain and gives the VR & AR developers the platform for starting their coins.

Token Sale for the Gaze Coin

The Gaze coin initial coin offering shall commence on 28th November 2017. It will go on for a maximum of 7 days. The platform of blockchain is going to utilize Ethereum.
The optimal amount that will be capped is $35 million, and 70% of the overall token will be given out in the sale. But, there is going to be a limitation of $2 million for the minimum capping.

Conclusion on Gaze Coin

Gaze coin is a different concept in the digital market world. It offers an entirely new investment method for anyone who wishes to make investments on AR and VR. Lastly, it is beneficial to the investors and people who wish to trade on the platform. Gaze coin entirely meets the needs of the content makers and owners.


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