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Price of BitMart Platform Token “BMX” Experiences 317% Surge



May 3, 2021

At present, the entire world is focused on the two largest cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization, because of their market run. Almost every cryptocurrency investor has his/her attention towards Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH)

At present, Bitcoin (BTC) is experiencing one of the best times of its bullish run while Ethereum (ETH) is doing even better. Despite Bitcoin (BTC) showing a slight slump, Ethereum (ETH) price continues to grow to all-time highs.

As of now, the market price of Bitcoin (BTC) hovers at around $56k per BTC, while Ethereum’s (ETH) price hovers around $3.3k per ETH.

This is a huge achievement for ETH as BTC has already hit the $64k per BTC mark but it is currently facing a slight downfall.

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The best thing at present is that it is not just Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) enjoying the bullish run, it is the entire cryptocurrency industry that is currently bullish.

While BTC and ETH continue to grow in size in the crypto-verse, BitMart is also following the two largest cryptocurrencies. BitMart is a premier global trading platform that provides services in digital assets.

Just like the entire cryptocurrency market, BitMart has also demonstrated a bullish run. However, BitMart has distinguished itself among all other digital assets with a bullish run. It has done it by experiencing a really high rally in terms of its demand and price for the platform token.

Even the teams at BitMart have announced that in recent days, their platform has continued achieving one milestone after another. This announcement has the entire BitMart user/stakeholder community excited and even more determined than ever.

The officials at BitMart have revealed that they are always aiming to provide their users with the best experience ever. They aim to provide their users with products that are user-friendly, the highest standards of services, and the securest trading platform.

For their platform, it is all about providing the best trading experience to the users they never forget. They aim to do it in the most professional and user-friendly manner and will continue doing so in the coming future.

While sharing the details about its platform and the services it provides, BitMart also talked about the current rally of its “BMX” token. The firm revealed that in the last week, the platform native token “BMX” experienced its all-time high at $0.297 per BMX.

BitMart also revealed that in the last 24-hours, it witnessed something phenomenal in terms of its trading volume. The firm revealed that in the last 24-hours, its trading volume had exceeded $4 billion at a particular time.

According to BitMart, the platform currently has more than 5 million users, and surprisingly, around half of the users joined it in April of 2021.


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