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Price Analysis of Step Finance (STEP) and H2O DAO (H2O)



Apr 11, 2022

The time to shy away from the new cryptocurrencies has ended and it is because of cryptocurrencies such as Step Finance and H2O DAO. These cryptocurrencies have proven to be very authentic and profitable for the crypto-investment community.

Step Finance and H2O DAO both, have very high potential because the rally they have recorded does not come from hesitation. Their rallies are a clear example of strong backup and support from the bulls and the investors.

You can go through their performance analysis data collected by the on-chain data analyzing firms and see where they stand at the moment.

Step Finance (STEP)

At the time of writing, the bulls are sustaining the pressure coming from the bears at $0.2073 per STEP. The price being exhibited by Step Finance is the outcome of the 35.36% rally formed by the bulls in the past 24-hours.

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When the bulls had not countered the bears with their strong buying power, Step Finance’s trading value was at a low of $0.2439 per STEP. However, the strong rally has worked out in favor of Step Finance, bringing it up to such a high price in the past 24-hours.

Step Finance’s trading volume has also experienced a 77.84% growth in the past 24-hours. At present, the strong trading volume being exhibited for Step Finance is worth $8,877,419.

With the value of Step Finance constantly moving on the positive side, Step Finance may travel inside the bullish zone. This would keep the situation under the control of the bulls and may push the price of Step Finance to a high of $0.02870 per STEP.


H2O DAO has experienced an upward movement in the past 24-hours with the strong participation of the investors. The investors have helped out the bulls in launching a great strike against the bears in the past 24-hours.

They have continued buying H2O DAO alongside the bulls to form a 31.57% rally. It has succeeded in pushing H2O DAO’s price from a low of $0.1523 per H2O to the current high of $0.2430 per H2O.

So far, the buying power of the investors has pushed the trading volume for H2O DAO up by 64.24%. The trading volume for H2O DAO currently stands at $10,028,083. The fully diluted valuation for H2O DAO has also elevated to 248,574,505.

Going forward, the bulls may continue increasing their buying power with aim of pushing the price of H2O DAO to $0.2813 per DAO. As the momentum builds up, more investors will keep investing in H2O DAO to increase its demand.

As a result of the constant buying of H2O DAO, its price may get raised by $0.3257 per DAO.


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