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Price Analysis of Puff (PUFF) and Radicle (RAD)



Feb 21, 2022

As the pressure keeps building over the old cryptocurrencies from the bears’ end, investors have started shifting to newer cryptocurrencies. Due to that, the majority of the newly launched cryptocurrencies are demonstrating high gains only on a regular basis.

At the moment, dozens of cryptocurrencies are under the spotlight as their adoption level has been increasing tremendously. This is mainly because of their contribution to the sector and the adaptability tendency they have to offer to the entire crypto-sector.

On the particular list, there is Puff (PUFF) that seems to have a bright and a long run ahead. These predictions are being made based on the 36.19% rally Puff has achieved in the past 24-hours. As of now, Puff’s value is over the $0.4853 mark, and given the growth rate, it may continue rising.

According to price prediction for Puff, it is expected that Puff may continue experiencing a growth in its value in near future. If the predictions are correct, then Puff may go on to exhibit a unit price of $0.6609 per PUFF.

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Given the current growth rate, if the bears keep exerting selling pressure at a mid-level, then the bulls will be able to fight them off. If the pressure doesn’t elevate to a higher level from the bears’ side, then Puff may elevate to $0.7805 per PUFF.

If we keep looking at the bullish predictions for Puff, it would seem that the analysts are interested to see Puff’s price grow. This is because the majority of the analysts have shared positive sentiments about Puff. Therefore, keeping the contribution of the analysts in mind, the peak price Puff may achieve in near future would be $0.9218 per PUFF.

Radicle (RAD) is also witnessing strong support and investments from its investors who are aiming to push it higher. As of now, the contribution level of the investors in favor of Radicle’s bullish growth is 33.62%. For now, Radicle is trading at a price of $7.18 per RAD.

If we consider the bullish sentiments, then $7.18 is not the peak price that the investors may witness. In the upcoming days, Radicle may show great signs of growth and keep getting the same amount of support from investors, leading up to $9.59.

Once the first strong resistance mark is crossed, the Radicle bulls would face another major obstacle from the bears’ end at $10.00. If the sustaining power of the Radicle bulls prevails, Radicle may go on to hit its second high price of $11.20.

As the Radicle investors keep increasing their buying power, the price of Radicle may continue elevating. The third strong mark Radicle investors may aim to achieve with the help of high rallies would be $12.14.


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