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Price Analysis of Neko (NEKO) and HIDEOUS (HIDEOUS)



Feb 5, 2022

Neko (NEKO) has been witnessing a strong rally by the investors supporting the bulls to achieve new milestones. So far, the bulls have defeated the bears with a great advantage that was made possible by the input of the investors.

Neko has reportedly observed a 349.40% rally in the past 24-hours and chances are that the rally may continue for a while. For now, the price of Neko is at $0.0001487 and more rallies are inbound in support of the bullish sentiments.

The RSI for Neko has also entered the bullish zone and the moving averages are also hinting towards a bullish trend. This means that the bulls have the ultimate opportunity of pushing NEKO higher. In the upcoming days, NEKO’s price may grow up to $0.0002679 given the rallies initiated by the investors.

If things keep working out for the best of the bulls, then NEKO’s price may continue pushing forth. This would eventually result in pushing NEKO’s price up to $0.0004018. Although the predictions wouldn’t turn their back against the positive trend, the growth rate may start to fade.

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This would bring NEKO up to $0.0005022, and set the stage for another rally. The investors would continue gaining more confidence and this would eventually work out in favor of the bulls.

Due to the high confidence level of the investors, the price of Neko may continue growing, getting elevated to $0.0005649 per NEKO.

HIDEOUS (HIDEOUS) may not have a bullish team as strong as Neko but they are surely under the spotlight. The bulls have managed to bring many investors onboard and have formed a strong rally that is currently attracting even more investors.

With more investors joining the bullish group, the positive trend for HIDEOUS has been gaining a lot of prominences. This is acting as a magnet for the entire investment community, compelling them to bring out more money. As a result, the rally for HIDEOUS may remain constant, bringing HIDEOUS’s price up tremendously.

As of now, the analysis report is showing that HIDEOUS is exhibiting a unit price worth $0.00000009516. The data shows that HIDEOUS has reached this milestone after observing a 252.28% rally in the past 24-hours.

If the trading volume for HIDEOUS continues growing higher, it would mean that the price of HIDEOUS is to grow higher. The first checkpoint for the bulls in terms of HIDEOUS’s price would be $0.0000002017. In case more support is built up in favor of HIDEOUS and it achieves even half the rally observed up to the first checkpoint, it may reach $0.0000003126.

Once the second checkpoint is reached, the bulls may intensify buying to bring HIDEOUS up to the third checkpoint of $0.0000004689.


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