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Price Analysis of Meme Machine (MeMa) and Snoshares (SNOSHARE)



Feb 28, 2022

Just a few days back, Meme Machine (MeMa) was exhibiting a low price of $0.000000000231 per MeMa. The bulls had been trying really hard to push the price of Meme Machine over its resistance area. The bulls had to increase their buying to push its price over the $0.000000000300 per MeMa figure.

In order to cross the resistance mark, the investors had to increase their buying power at a very high rate. Finally, the bulls succeeded and formed a (140.17%) rally that has aided them in pushing Meme Machine over $0.0000000004857 per MeMa.

The data suggests that the bulls may continue hitting a higher value for Meme Machine by increasing their buying power. The RSI for Meme Machine is currently traveling within the positive territory, and it is also aided by the moving averages that are bullish.

This would help the investors in pushing the price of Meme Machine over the first resistance mark which is $0.0000000008261 per MeMa. It is expected that the bears may increase their selling power to challenge the buying power of the bulls.

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However, if the bears are not successful with their efforts, then the bulls may get the opening to push Meme Machine higher. In this particular case, the bulls may get to push Meme Machine to the second resistance zone ($0.000000001115).

The second resistance zone won’t be the maximum the bulls will be aiming to hit in the upcoming days for Meme Machine. The value prediction for Meme Machine suggests that it may get pushed up to $0.000000001311 per MeMa.

On the contrary, the bears may also begin their march in the negative zone. Their first target would be to push Meme Machine below the support marks. The first attempt made by the bears would be to bring Meme Machine close to the first support mark of $0.0000000004128.

At this point, the bears will have to increase their selling power to push Meme Machine below the first strong support mark. After hitting the designated mark, the bears may increase their selling power, even more, to bring Meme Machine below $0.0000000003715.

The investors currently have similar sentiments for Snoshares as Meme Machine. This is the reason a strong 118.15% rally has been observed for Snoshares in the past 24-hours, bringing its value up to $135.17. The surge in the value has also escalated Snoshares’ trading volume by 4003.58%.

At the moment, Snoshares is observing great support from the RSI, which is traveling over line 63 as well as the moving averages. Therefore, the price of Snoshares may continue moving upwards and it may go on to hit the first resistance mark of $215.02. From there, the investors may increase their buying pressure to push Snoshares over $278.54.


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