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Price Analysis of DAOstack (GEN) and Voxel X Network (VXL)



Mar 19, 2022

DAOstack (GEN) Grows by 49.83%

The determination level of the DAOstack investors has grown tremendously in the past 24-hours. Due to their strong sentiments, the value of DAOstack has continued growing higher. The bulls have formed a 49.83% rally that has pushed the value of DAOstack to $0.03508 per GEN.

Looking at the performance of DAOstack in the past couple of days shows that the value of DAOstack was at a low of $0.02105 per GEN. The performance line for DAOstack from March 15 until March 17 shows that there was a constant scuffle between the bears and the bulls.

The bears kept trying hard to keep DAOstack at a lower level while the bulls kept struggling to achieve an opposite target. Within the particular range, it was the bears who had the lead as they continued pushing DAOstack into the lower levels.

However, the bulls showed their true strength towards the end of March 17. They continued with their strong buying spree, which has resulted in bringing DAOstack to the current level.

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Although the RSI for DAOstack is currently below the midline, it is gradually moving higher. If the bulls manage to hit the first strong resistance mark of $0.04382 per GEN, the RSI may hit and cross the midline.

This would trigger a low-level bullish run for DAOstack, which would result in pushing the value of DAOstack up to the second resistance mark of $0.04928 per GEN.

Given the current involvement, the bears may try and challenge the bulls giving them a tough time. If the bears end up failing the contest, then the value of DAOstack may surge to $0.05235 per GEN.

Voxel X Network (VXL) Grows by 47.13%

Voxel X Network investors are also on a high buying spree, which is why it is expected to grow to new heights in the upcoming days. On March 16, Voxel X Network’s value traveled at a low figure that was worth $0.04357 per VXL.

From there, the value of Voxel X Network started getting pushed higher. To this point, the bulls have continued demonstrating high acquisition power, which has resulted in a 47.13% rally. It is because of the rally that the trading price of the VXL/USDT pair is now at $0.07584 per VXL.

The investors have also elevated the trading volume of Voxel X Network by 279.60%, and the figure is constantly rising. This is yet again a positive sign for the bulls and the potential buyers that Voxel X Network is destined for higher gains.

If the bulls keep controlling the trend for Voxel X Network, then it may rise up to the resistance marks. The first resistance mark for Voxel X Network would be $0.09371 per VXL, followed by the second resistance mark of $0.1047 per VXL.


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