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Price Analysis of Continuum World (UM), TAP FANTASY (TAP), and more Cryptocurrencies



Feb 23, 2022

Continuum World (UM) has experienced a 49.14% dip in the past 24-hours, bringing its unit price to a low of $0.01052 per UM. The CoinMarketCap data has shown that Continuum World’s trading volume has also gone up by 215.55%, as there is a panic among the investors.

It is due to the panic that the investors have started selling Continuum World on a high scale, bringing the volume up to $599,347. The fully diluted valuation of Continuum World has also dipped at the same rate and the figure is not down to $13,888,228.

If the investors remain in the panic zone, then they may continue selling Continuum World, bringing it down to $0.007935 per UM. As more investors lose their confidence and grow desperate in saving their accumulations, they may start selling Continuum World.

This would intensify sales for Continuum World, bringing it down to $0.006959 per UM. If the RSI and the oscillators both show a downslope movement, then Continuum World may plummet to $0.006531 per UM.

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TAP FANTASY (TAP) also has investors facing the same situation as Continuum World. At the moment, the investors feel threatened by the strong demonstration of bears. Therefore, the bulls are not finding much support from the investors, which has resulted in putting the ball in the court of the bears.

The result of such lack of trust of the investors in the bullish trend of Continuum World is the 54.07% dip. It is one of the major dips that Continuum World has encountered from the time of its listing. Therefore, the sudden loss of interest in Continuum World has the investors panicking.

At the time of publication, Continuum World is exhibiting a unit price of $0.1438 per TAP. If the investors keep losing their interest in even thinking about forming a rally, Continuum World’s price may plummet to $0.06604 per TAP.

Going forward, if the bears keep forming stronger bonds with the investors, they may continue flushing out the bulls. Therefore, any chance of bulls encountering the bears would be nullified. This would result in pulling Continuum World down to $0.04818 per TAP. If the investors go for another major pull, then Continuum World may move down to $0.04167 per TAP.

Calo App (CALO) is also observing a huge plunge in its price in the past 24-hours. According to the analysis report, Calo App has experienced a 46.50% plunge, which has pulled its unit price down to $0.02696 per CALO.

It is highly likely if the bears take a shot against the bulls, they may gain a lot of success in bringing Calo App to $0.02069. If the bears continue selling Calo App, then Calo App may fall to $0.01828 per CALO.


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