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Pre-Sale Of Tokenize Crypto Metropoly Executes Sales Worth $300K



Dec 23, 2022

Metropoly Pre-Sale

10-staged initial sale round of tokenized crypto Metropoly is under-way. The beta sale has already sold off Metropoly tokens comprised of 7 stages and has successfully raised funds amounting to $300K.

Since it was a pre-sale, hence, the project was selling the coins at subsidized rates. For instance, in the pre-sale, a single unit of Metropoly was sold at $0.333. Otherwise, the coin will be sold at a fixed rate of $0.1.

The project aims at targeting the real estate industry and wants to bring evolution into the industry by digitalizing it.

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Investors’ Hunt for Alternatives Garnered Pre-Sale Interest

The blockchain-based project of Metropoly is more than pleased with the interest shown by investors in the pre-sale. However, the main reason which garnered investors’ attention was the desperation of investors.

Since the crypto market isn’t going well and so are the traditional markets, hence, investors are craving alternatives. The majority of them are showing interest in the real estate sector because the prices of properties have declined enormously.

Consequently, investors are keen on buying cheap properties. In addition, investors have come to believe that investment in the real estate sector will provide them better hedge than conventional assets or even cryptocurrencies.

But through Metropole, they can enter into an evolved real estate sector that is going to have more potential in the future.

Digitalization of the Real Estate Sector

There is a widespread assumption that the digitalization of the real estate sector would completely overhaul the centuries-old industry.

It is expected that the digitalization of this industry would bring enormous benefits simultaneously for investors, buyers as well as sellers.

For instance, digitalization will primarily erode the need of having middlemen, minimize associated costs and fees and mitigate delays.

Otherwise, the industry is criticized for having too many middlemen, exorbitant fees,s and cost structure and transactions are delayed unnecessarily.

These are some of the major issues which may be finally brought to an end through digitalization.

What is Metropoly?

Metropoly is a blockchain-based project which is ambitious to digitalize the real estate sector. Furthermore, the project wants to sell real estate through non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as it is a purely NFT marketplace.

Through Metropoly, investors could obtain the opportunity of investing in the real estate sector with the help of NFTs.

NFTs would comprise physical properties and their entire structures. The users of the project would hence be able to invest in these properties irrespective of their locations, nationalities, or even credit score.

The person who owns NFT would be the owner of real estate property physically to which NFT is tied up. The owner would hence enjoy all the benefits as are available to any property owner in the world.

However, Metropoly would assist its users in acquiring and selling properties without any unnecessary delays.

Usually, it takes months in concluding a transaction traditionally but with Metropoly, users can sell properties within seconds.

Most importantly, there shall be no extra or hidden fees or cost cuttings because there shall be no middlemen.

Metropoly Offers a Chance to Win an Apartment in Burj Khalifa

Currently, the project’s giveaway scheme is undergoing in which the project is offering a million-dollar reward to the winner.

It is a huge opportunity for the participants as the prize can make it worth a while for them.

The lucky winner will be able to win an apartment worth $1 Million in the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. This is one of a kind promotion that is being run by Metropoly.

Furthermore, if the winner doesn’t wish to live in the apartment, then the project can lease out the apartment on the winner’s behalf.

$100,000 per month guaranteed rental income will hence be earned by the winner annually. This would be another passive income-generating opportunity for the lucky user.


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