• Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Polygon said it has unveiled its Polygon zero-knowledge EVM (zkEVM). It is an L2 solution that builds on zero-knowledge proofs. It also enables an easy transaction process aided by low cost and high throughput.

Making Web3 Better Than Ever

Polygon is an Ethereum scaling solution and a decentralized Web3 system. When transactions are done in batches, it aids in a reasonable reduction in gas fees. At the same time, it promotes a faster resolution of withdrawals and deposits.

Fast resolution of withdrawals and deposits are fascinating aspects for developers in the DeFi sector. 

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The new zkEVM equally gives seamless functionalities with every smart contract, developer tool, and wallet. It uses the same tight security tools that keep the Ethereum network.

Furthermore, the zkEVM permits the migration of decentralized apps from EVM-compatible networks. Developers can achieve this through an easy node switch. Developers don’t have to toggle the codes, smart contract, or tool when migrating to zkEVM.

Therefore, the solution aids the three primary features crucial to web3. These are security, scalability, and Ethereum compatibility. Polygon’s co-founder, Mihailo Bjelic described them as the web3 infrastructure’s holy grail. 

Bjelic said till this moment, it was impossible to give all three features at a time. He said Polygon’s zkEVM development is a breakthrough tech that has finally achieved it. It, therefore, opens a new phase of general adoption.

The layer 2 solution equally supports an easy NFT minting. It supports enterprise apps and web3 gaming as well. Besides all, developers have the benefit of high throughputs and lower costs.

Polygon thinks its zkEVM can reduce Ethereum transaction costs by as high as 90%. It equally thinks an off-chain solution might take the fees lower than that in the future.

HUMAN Protocol

Meanwhile, HUMAN Protocol has announced the launch of a new blockchain coordination layer. It said the protocol would take care of routing functions with third-party vendors. This will be a way of powering jobs on HUMAN Protocol.

HUMAN Protocol is a decentralized project with the goal of reshaping how humans work. The blockchain layer, tagged the Routing Protocol, is built on the existing HUMAN Protocol. This will enable major features like discovering network generators, job standards, and fee agreements.

The new protocol equally gives governance support for easy network upgrades based on consensus. HUMAN Protocol says these features are central elements of the project. To create a more decentralized human real world. 

Deborah Brown

Deborah Brown

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