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People from Europe Do Not Want European Union’s Interference in Regards to Cryptocurrencies



Sep 2, 2021

When it comes to the adoption of cryptocurrencies, the European region regulatory authorities still seem to be very cautious with the technology. The regulatory authorities in Europe continue warning the citizens of Europe to be very cautious of investing in cryptocurrencies.

From time to time, the European Commission tends to get into the matter of cryptocurrencies. The European Union also aims to push the cryptocurrency sector out of the region, hoping it would be a good idea to do so.

On the other hand, the people from Europe would love to hear this from their local regulators instead of the European Union (EU) doing it from time to time.

Just recently, a survey was carried out among the people in Europe to carry out a research. The research was to gather information as to what the people in Europe think about the EU’s interference in terms of cryptocurrencies.

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It would come as a huge surprise for the EU officials but it is now a fact that the majority of the Europeans dislike the EU’s interference in crypto-related matters. The survey results show that the people in Europe want their respective countries to come up with crypto-regulations and not the EU.

The data from the research in response to a survey shows that around 60% of the people in Europe agree with the above statement. The majority of the Europeans want the regulatory authorities from their respective countries to come up with policies and regulations for cryptocurrencies.

The vast majority of the survey participants backed the idea that the creation of digital currencies would help them gain independence in the financial sector from the European Union.

The people stated that for several decades, the European Union has been interfering with the financial matters of any country they want to in Europe. However, the countries and the nations in Europe need independence in terms of finances and the European Union needs to let that happen.

The survey was reportedly carried out among 31,000 people from different parts of Europe. The data shows that the research was carried out in 12 different countries within the jurisdiction of the European Union.

From the survey, 60% of the participants clearly stated they want their own digital asset regulations that are made by country regulators and not the EU.

Compared to the vast majority of 60% of participants going against the EU, only around 25% of the participants back EU’s input in introduced crypto-digital asset regulations.

The Europeans who supported their local governments in the vast majority for crypto-regulations over the EU were from Estonia and the Netherlands, with results showing 70% and 76% support.

When it comes to countries such as Latvia, Poland, and Spain showed 50/50 support for the local governments as well as the EU.

Other countries such as Estonia, Greece, and Italy showed less than 40% support in favor of the European Union.


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