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Orlando Bravo Makes Confession of Owning A Few Bitcoins



Oct 4, 2021

It is a pleasure for the crypto community to learn that a famous billionaire too is an owner of Bitcoin. This gives them not only the encouragement they seek but also gives them a huge sigh of relief because most of average crypto investors usually doubt their decisions. The latest Bitcoiner turned out to be amongst the league of billionaires namely Orlando Bravo who revealed that not only he owns a few Bitcoins but also quite bullish about their future value. He regards crypto as a system specifically designed for younger lot.

Orlando Bravo is a globally named person not because he is leader of any state or a famous politician or a celebrity. In fact he is famous because he is amongst the handful of people worldwide who billionaires are. As of today, his net worth easily exceeds US$ 6 Billion which was recently confirmed by Forbes. He also holds the title of being the first billionaire hailing from Puerto Rico. At present, he is the MD of Thoma Bravo, an equity firm, which was self-funded by Bravo as well.

Bravo happened to attend a conference which was hosted by CNBC in which officials from top US regulators too were also present. The agenda of the conference was to discuss cryptocurrencies and look for the possibility of regulating crypto.

During his address in the conference, he stated that there is no apparent reason why anybody should not love crypto. He suggested that the best thing that happened in this century is the invention of crypto and blockchain technology. There is no system which is as great as crypto because it has been established primarily for the youth. The aspects such as decentralized and frictionless make crypto a unique and great system. So there shouldn’t be any doubts that crypto will end after certain time. Rather they will continue to live and evolve with the changing times.

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After discussing crypto, then he moved onto the underlying technology of crypto i.e. blockchain. He commented that the developers make powerful systems and protocols. However, there is not a single protocol or a system which is as powerful as blockchain.

He then revealed that he has invested his personal wealth into Bitcoin and got a few Bitcoins for him as well. He told that he is also quite bullish about his investment because in the future there will be more Bitcoiners than now. Similarly, the Bitcoin market is going to be more mature and most relevant in the times to come. The major factor which will boost Bitcoin’s value in the future will no doubt be the institutional sector. He insisted that whether regulated or not, Bitcoin’s future price is going to be immense and he is counting the days.


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