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Only 12.5 BTC Swindled in Twitter Hack by Scammers



Jul 16, 2020

On Twitter, hackers got control of the Twitter accounts of the 25 prominent personalities and shared a Bitcoin address via these accounts. The hackers asked the followers of the influencers to send Bitcoin and in return, they will get a double amount in BTC.

Top Twitter Accounts Hacked

The affected accounts belong to the prominent names, including former US president Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Apple, Binance, US presidential nominee Joe Biden, and many others.

The identity or information about hackers is still unknown, but the team of Twitter is investigating over it, Twitter CEO claims. In such a large extent scam, the scammers get successful in getting only 12.5 BTC (worth nearly $120,000). This is a very small amount of money as the platform that hacked is a billion dollars company.

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Target: 346 Million Twitter Users

If we count the number of followers of the hacked accounts, it reaches almost 346 million, which is a big number. Of course, not all Twitter users possess a Bitcoin address. Moreover, the tweets do not reach all of the counted users of the platform. But a minimum portion of the audience can indeed make a lot of change.

Alex Adelman, the CEO of BTC rewards application, said,” Imagine hacking a $28 billion company and only getting $118,203.00.”

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin takes it in a positive note as the hacker is motivated by Bitcoin. Buterin said in a tweet:

“This attack could have caused serious damage. I’m actually glad a hacker motivated by Bitcoin profits got to the attack vector before far more nefarious actors seeking to leak private data, manipulate stock prices, manipulate elections or start wars did.”

The spokesperson of the security team at Huobi said:

“This scam has clearly targeted a large amount of accounts, including accounts in the cryptocurrency community, as well as accounts with a larger number of followers. After all, there is a limited population of people who hold Bitcoin accounts. And the fraudulent tactics are too simple. Therefore the consequences were not very serious.”

However, some members of the crypto community do not take it as a scam but a promotion of the top leading asset.


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