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Nvidia is working to Offer Something Unique and Revolutionary to the Real World



Jun 11, 2021

With the passage of time, technology has picked the pace, and today, it is making things look like miracles. Technology is evolving and going to the next level on a daily basis. In the late ’90s and early 2000s, the world started getting used to the term “virtual world”.

At that time, the virtual world was at the basic level where it did not offer much. It only offered people the opportunity to experience the basic level of virtual reality. Now, technology is about to change as per one of the most powerful and influential personalities in the tech world.

With the passage of time, a single virtual world has turned into an entire metaverse, where there are several virtual worlds linked with each other. According to the particular personality, who is considered one of the top personalities in the tech world has made a prediction about metaverse.

He has predicted that it is only a matter of time when the world gets to experience a metaverse that would be self-sustaining and would have economies that would self-contain themselves.

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It has been some time since the enthusiasts inspired by the work of Neal Stephenson are hoping for what he had written in his work “Snow Crash”. In his work, he had talked about the creation of the VR/AR world that would be powered by cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

In his work, he mentioned how the NFTs and blockchain could be used for the creation of a metaverse that would be self-sustaining. Although many think that the work by Neal Stephenson would take years to come to reality, Jensen Huang thinks otherwise.

Jensen Huang is the CEO of Nvidia who is sure that the world now has the technology to develop and launch a metaverse

It was during the virtual Computex conference where Huang talked to the viewers and fans of the platform. During the conference, Huang talked about the potential crypto-blockchain technology holds.

He stated that the metaverse is a lot of potential and a promising new industry that millions would be able to benefit from. The metaverse has the potential of revolutionizing the way people currently interact with virtual worlds.

During the conference, he spoke very highly of the metaverse and answered many questions from the fans around the technology during the question and answer session of the Computex conference.

During the Q&A session, Huang made some very bold statements around the potential of the metaverse and its use cases. He stated that the blockchain and cryptocurrency technology has the potential to offer the right amount of data that metaverse needs to self-sustain.

Over time, the technology would become so vast the users would be able to interact with the metaverse in order to simulate the future.


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