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New Bitcoin ETFs Outperform BTC Futures ETFs, Market Share Grows

Maria Bartiromo

ByMaria Bartiromo

Mar 27, 2024

Spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have surpassed Bitcoin futures ETFs in terms of market share, marking a significant breakthrough in the cryptocurrency investment environment. This change is being made against the backdrop of growing investor interest in Bitcoin and growing demand for regulated investment instruments that provide exposure to the top cryptocurrency.

Spot BTC ETFs Outperform ETFs for Bitcoin Futures Spot Bitcoin ETFs have seen a sharp increase in trading volume and popularity. Recent data from Finance Magnates indicates that spot Bitcoin ETFs now hold nearly 90% of the market share in daily trading volume, indicating a major shift in investor preferences in favor of these investment vehicles.

With only around 10% of the market share, Bitcoin futures ETFs, which were much anticipated when they were first announced in 2021, have needed help gaining traction. Debates have started emanating from the ETF community on how the BTC is slowly catching up with the gold. This suggests traders’ attitudes towards the new BTC funds were not considered in the debate.

Bitcoin Market AUM Drops by 0.97%, Investors Woes Bitcoin ETF

There was a minor decrease of 0.97% in the overall market AUM on the same day the BTC made a major move earlier this month. The growing popularity of spot Bitcoin ETFs among investors looking to gain exposure to the price rise of Bitcoin while reducing the complexity and risk associated with futures contracts is shown by this performance disparity.

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Spot Bitcoin ETFs are expected to remain dominant as the cryptocurrency sector has continued to show major growth. Spot Bitcoin ETFs are expected to continue to be the go-to option for investors looking for direct exposure to fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin, as Bitcoin futures ETFs has continued to prove useful in some trading strategies.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs currently hold the majority of the market, putting them in a prime position to influence future Bitcoin adoption and investment decisions.

Exante Publication Ready for Launch, Clients Interest in ETF Rise

Exante, a global financial house, is preparing a publication termed “The Crypt,” with special emphasis on the cryptocurrency ETF. The anticipated publication will be basing its analysis on the company’s official data alongside relevant insights obtained from both respondents and third-party sources. It is expected to be published later this month. 

The proposed publication is expected to give a comprehensive insight into the latest cryptocurrency bullish trend. A statement from Exante said that clients are flooding into its ETF  investment portfolios, compared to an average investment out there. 

The company disclosed that its Assets Under Management (AUM) was +11.18% on a per day-over-day basis on March 11, the same time when the BTC went bullish. This was in comparison with the gross market AUM, which was at -0.97%. The publication examined the recent JP Morgan and the cryptocurrency relationship was compared with the Bitcoin ETF and gold ETFs.

The publication, which is also expected to come as a digest, talked about the recent strong inflows into the Bitcoin funds and how the gold ETFs have witnessed some noticeable movement in the opposite direction.

London Stock Exchange Gives Green Light, Bitcoin ETFs Popularity Increase 

The need for investment products that offer direct exposure to Bitcoin is reflected in investors’ preference for spot Bitcoin ETFs over Bitcoin futures ETFs—the digest section of the said publication extracted data from The Block that outlines the spot ETF offerings.

According to the data, Spot BTC ETFs now account for almost 90% of trading volume each day. BTC futures ETFs are already accounting for 10%, the first time since its launch in 2021. ETF’s performance has been linked to the improvement of liquidity for Spot BTC traders and is also accompanied by a favorable cryptocurrency market depth.

The London Stock Exchange has recently commenced the application acceptance of the Ethereum and Bitcoin exchange-traded notes. However, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Thailand said it will start permitting institutional investors and wealthy individuals to invest in cryptocurrency ETFs.

Maria Bartiromo

Maria Bartiromo

Maria Bartiromo is a renowned news writer and journalist, celebrated for her insightful reporting and authoritative voice. With a career spanning years, she has established herself as a trusted source of accurate and comprehensive news analysis, keeping readers informed on vital global developments.

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