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Netherlands’ Domino’s Employees to Receive Salary in Bitcoin (BTC)



May 20, 2021

When it comes to the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Europe, there may be many countries trying to take the lead. Still, Netherlands is the country in Europe that is way ahead of all other countries on the continent. The country had recently announced that it was working on the central bank digital currency (CBDC) project.

Now the private sectors in the country are taking crypto-blockchain adoption to the next level. Similar to Japan and the United States, private companies are also aiming to pay their employees and workers in cryptocurrencies.

The trend of offering salaries in the form of cryptocurrencies is gradually being picked up by different countries from around the world. With the recent move, Netherlands has also marked its name among countries aiming to offer cryptocurrencies as salaries.

According to the latest reports, a Franchisee for Domino’s Pizza has made a huge announcement for its employees. The Franchisee reportedly has many locations in the Netherlands serving Domino’s Pizza.

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The reports suggest that the Franchisee is aiming to pay its workers at Domino’s employees in the Netherlands in Bitcoin (BTC). The reports have confirmed that it is completely up to the employees whether they would want to get paid normally or in Bitcoin (BTC).

The name of the Franchisee in the Netherlands is Immensus Holding, which currently has its Domino’s Pizza franchises in 16 different locations in the country. As of now, there are more than 270 franchises for Domino’s Pizza all over the country.

Immensus Holding has confirmed that it has partnered with BTC Direct in order to bring the facility to its employees. Now, the workers at the particular locations have the option of their salary in the form of Euros or Bitcoin (BTC).

 Immensus Holding has clarified that none of the employees at the 16 Domino’s Pizza locations are being pressurized or forced to adopt Bitcoin (BTC). It is completely up to the will of the workers to receive their salaries in Bitcoin (BTC) or stick to the traditional way.

The franchisee has confirmed that with this move, more than 1,000 employees at Domino’s Pizza will be able to receive their salaries in Bitcoin (BTC). Jonathan Gurevich, the co-owner at Immensus Holding talked about the company’s aim and upcoming goal.

Gurevich revealed that their company aims to become one of the top modernized companies in the Netherlands. The company has revealed that they have many youngsters working at their businesses so they find it extremely advantageous to offer such options to employees.

Now that the cryptocurrency industry is advancing and becoming a worldwide success, their aim is to take advantage of the technology as well. Therefore, they are offering their employees the opportunity to receive salaries in Bitcoin (BTC) and be able to invest.


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