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Metacade Presale Starts Off With A Boom, $670k Worth Utility Tokens Sold In 14 Days



Dec 13, 2022

Most Anticipated Utility Token Launches Beta Sale

Metacade is the best-known community for creating its kind play-to-earn (P2E) first-ever arcade game on the blockchain.

The community had committed to launch its native utility token called “$MCADE” which was highly anticipated within the online community.

Now Metacade has made an announcement in which it has unveiled the launch of a beta version of $MCADE tokens for sale.

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Whooping Presale

It has been two weeks since the beta version of the $MCADE sale has been initiated on the official web portal of Metacade.

The sale is proving to be a huge attraction for investors wanting to gain from the early offerings of the protocol.

Whooping interest was seen as the buyers collectively spending over $670,000 in acquiring more than 60% of the total beta sale. Surprisingly, all this revenue generation was collected by Metacade in less than 14 days’ time.

Metacade is one of a kind community that is part of the Web3 community. Metacade’s primary objective is to attract the interests of gamers, investors, etc. by introducing them to games where they can play and earn simultaneously.

It also aims at becoming a focal point where communities of metaverse and GameFI can hang out together.

The metaverse industry has been aiming to grow significantly in size and Metacade will help it achieve that goal.

With the interaction level of the users rising on the platform, more users would eventually join the protocol.

Audit Compliance

Metacade did not launch the pre-sale of its native tokens until it ensured that the firm’s accounts were duly audited.

Prior to the launch, $MCDA was thoroughly reviewed for audit purposes by Certik which conducted a financial and security protocol audit.

So Metacade is officially a highly secured platform as the audited firm did not identify any weak spots in the firm’s system.

Audit seems to be the key factor behind the whooping sale of $MCADE in less than 14 days.

It also shows that Metacade was wary of the fact that it needed to boost investors’ confidence for boosting its beta sales.

Although usually audit is not needed, however, considering the FTX crisis, the business community has become a lot concerned. Before taking an initiative involving the public and investors, pre-audit seems to be becoming a norm.

In any case, the audit ensures transparency which in return boosts investors’ confidence.

Gaming On a Level Never Seen Before

Metacade is committed to taking gaming to a whole new level that the world has never seen before. This objective does not seem impossible for Metacade mainly because it derives power from Web3.

The platform does not simply offer a chance to earn while playing an arcade game. Instead, it offers multifarious benefits to gamers in different shapes such as showcasing leaderboards, gaming news, and printed gaming reviews.

Russell Bennet, Metacade’s Product Head, stated that the gaming community is long craving for a place where they can carry out multiple activities.

He said that the community is interested in a virtual space where they can get along, learn and enhance skills. They also want to make themselves aware of upcoming P2E games, claimed Bennet.

Bennet emphasized that the gaming community needs a singular platform instead of jumping from one platform to another.

Multipurpose Platform

Metacade wants to transform itself into a multipurpose platform instead of being a single-purpose P2E platform. It instills revolutionizing metaverse and P2E so as to provide an extravagant future to online gaming.

In this connection, Metacade actively encourages game developers by incentivizing them through its project called ‘Metagrants’.

The P2E model has been working out for many metaverse businesses and Metacade wants to benefit from it as well. This would ensure that more users keep joining the platform to increase their earnings.

Metagrants rewards game developers so as to boost their confidence in developing exceptional games and bringing them into Metacade.


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