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Mastercard Collaborates With Polygon To Integrate Music Into The Web3 Space


ByMaria Fairchild

Jan 14, 2023

Mastercard collaborates with Polygon to bring music into the web3 space. This collaboration aims to foster and develop a web3 space for the entertainment industry, specifically musicians.

A New Integration Into Web3

Mastercard announces collaboration with the Polygon network to create a technology that will bridge the gap between entertainment and web3 spaces. 

In a blog post, MasterCard stated that this collaboration will connect musicians to web3 mentors who will tutor and educate them on how to grow their brand in the web3 space.

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In a tweet from the Mastercard account, they expressed their excitement about this program, targeted at integrating music into web3. With the help of web3, this platform will provide young artists with the assistance and tools they need to take their careers to the next level. 

This collaboration will provide a program that will provide artists with access to a variety of features such as events and music releases, to name a few.

An outlined curriculum will be distributed to artists to educate them on how to use this program to build their brand in the web3 space.

This curriculum incorporates some NFT elements that give them a virtual persona and introduce them to active communities that can facilitate this experience.

The team promised that as the program progresses, live performances will also be included.

Access To These Features

Mastercard is offering a pass in the form of an NFT that will grant users access to the program and all of its features for those who do not currently have access to it.

This is intended to give pass holders access to in-depth guides and materials, as well as special assets from numerous brand collaborations.

This is aimed at providing those with the pass access to detailed manuals and materials, and unique assets through multiple collaborations with brands.

Polygon Studios also commented on this program, stating that this collaboration will produce a distinct type of artist. This artist will have complete control over their affairs, including growing a fanbase, earning money, and opening up new avenues for self-expression.

Mastercard is frequently seen performing wonders in the web3 space. It recently collaborated with a crypto firm to create crypto credit cards, among other things.

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