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Learn About Cryptocurrencies



Aug 2, 2021

Also known as crypto, a cryptocurrency is a digital currency. You can use it to make purchases for various products and services. Cryptocurrencies use a distributed ledger known as the blockchain system with strong cryptography for secured online transactions. Blockchain refers to a decentralized technology that computers use to manage and record transactions. It offers flawless security to every cryptocurrency transaction.

Today, several companies work with their specific currencies known as tokens and allow buyers to get their goods or services against them. Individuals take an interest in these unregulated digital currencies to earn profit. Bitcoin has been the most popular cryptocurrency so far. It has been witnessing volatile value moves in the past six months of 2021. Bitcoin reached nearly $65,000 in April and lost its value by almost half of that a month after.   

What is Cryptocurrencies Worth? 

There are more than 10,000 digital currencies are available for the general public. These currencies continue to multiply and raise money with initial coin contributions. As of July 2021 statistics, the total value of digital currencies has decreased at $1.3 trillion from its April value of $2.2 trillion. Bitcoin has a current total value of nearly $599.6 billion as of July 16, 2021. This most famous cryptocurrency was at a high value of $1.2 trillion in April 2021. 

Why Are Cryptocurrencies Gaining Popularity? 

Several reasons attract people toward cryptocurrencies. Some consider cryptocurrencies as future money and want to store them, seemingly before they become more expensive. Other supporters are in love with the ease of managing the money supply that comes with cryptocurrencies because they do not like banks reducing their money value via inflation. The technology used behind cryptocurrencies is another reason people attract to buy and store their favorite digital currency. They rely on the security provided by the blockchain and its decentralization processing & recording system. Some people also like digital currencies because they are seemingly increasing in value.

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Is Investing in Cryptocurrencies Profitable? 

While digital currencies are likely to have an increased value in the future, several investors consider them not more than speculations. It may be because cryptocurrencies do not generate cash flow, and investors can only earn a profit if they can sell their crypto coins for more than what they paid. 

As a matter of fact, a well-managed business can grow its profitability and cash flow over time to increase its value. People considering digital coins as the future should note that every asset requires stability before it earns you profit. 

How to Buy Cryptocurrency 

You can buy cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, with U.S dollars. Some currencies are obtainable with other digital currencies like bitcoin or litecoin. For buying cryptocurrencies, you will require an online app known as a wallet that can store your digital currency. It needs you to create an account on the trading exchange and add a payment method. Reputable trading exchanges require information, such as your debit card or bank account details. It will also need you to prove your identity with a passport or ID card. After verification, you can buy cryptocurrency through your chosen payment method and transfer it to your crypto wallet.

 With an account on a trading exchange, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. It allows you to watch with greater interest since cryptocurrency prices fluctuate. You will also find a growing trend of online brokers offering cryptocurrencies, such as Sofi Active Investing and Tradestation. However, purchasing cryptocurrencies can be an extraordinarily speculative and volatile decision.

Can You Shop with Cryptocurrencies?

Yes. Many vendors and brands have already started accepting cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, as a payment method. It ranges from shopping for pizza, air tickets to a ski resort. However, most people do not use digital currency to make purchases but utilize it as a store of value or investment.


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