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Latvian Police Force Succeeds in Preventing a Brutal Crypto Kidnap and Murder Attempt



Oct 24, 2020
Latvian Police Force Succeeds in Preventing a Brutal Crypto Kidnap and Murder Attempt

The Latvian Police Force recently made a shocking revelation. They claimed that they have managed to put an end to a potential crime related to cryptocurrency possession. The Police Force stated that they successfully managed to intercept an attempt of kidnap and potential murder. It has been revealed that they were able to save two people from this attempt.

Further investigation on this case revealed that at least one of the two victims had a significant number of crypto-asset holdings. The Police revealed that one of them was to be tortured for giving out the private keys to the crypto-wallets as well as other details.

Sharing more information about the case, the Latvian Police revealed that the would-be attacker is a male. The Police also revealed that the attacker was born in 1989 and is a resident of the Riga capital in Latvia.

The Latvian Police stated that the attacker had planned to kidnap an individual who had almost $600,000 worth of crypto-assets under his possession. The Police also revealed that the attacker had also arranged some very chilling tools in order to torture the victim.

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The authorities confirmed that the attacker had pre-planned everything. After getting what he wanted, the attacker had intended to murder the victim to make sure that nothing could get leaked. In order to accomplish this, he had already started looking for accomplices based outside of Latvia.

The Police confirmed that they have already arrested the perpetrator and is currently under the Latvian Police’s custody. The authorities have already charged him with Criminal Law Violations and soon he will be presented in the Latvian court for further hearing.

Further questioning with the criminal revealed that he had spent an ample amount of time monitoring the routine of the victim. The criminal was fully aware of the victim’s routine and hang-out places and had planned out where he was going to kidnap the victim from.

On top of this, the criminal had already arranged the place where he was going to keep the victim to execute his crime.


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