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Keanu Reeves Enters Crypto-Verse To Support Cryptocurrencies



Feb 22, 2023

Globally famed Hollywood actor, Keanu Reeves, came out in support of cryptocurrencies. He was interviewed by Wired where he was asked to give his personal thoughts on digital currencies.

Reeves stated that ‘the very concept of having an entirely independent private currency is outstanding’.

He further stated that cryptocurrencies are tools of the future made for the distribution of resources in a dynamic and advanced manner.

As regards crypto volatility, he suggested that volatility is something that has so far safeguarded cryptocurrencies.

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‘It is through volatility which has enabled the consumers becoming part of an entirely separate and distinct industry’, said Reeves. He, therefore, advised that ‘volatility would ultimately make this industry better and better over the years’.

The interviewer also asked Reeves if he owned any cryptocurrencies. In response, he apprised that he never bought any of the cryptocurrencies directly for himself.

Instead one of his closest friends did a cryptocurrency on his behalf. He revealed that he does own some cryptocurrencies without disclosing the name of the cryptocurrency which he hasn’t used ever.

What Reeves disclosed, however, was that his friend bought him a few crypto coins in the last month of 2021. Although it was more than a year back it still means a lot to the cryptocurrency community.

This is more special even for the fans of Keanu Reeves who will start entering the cryptocurrency market. They will start investing in cryptocurrencies because they want to follow their idol and would go to great lengths to back him up.

The following Reeves has is enormous because of his simplicity and generosity. It is clear that his attachment to crypto will bring millions of fans to the crypto industry.

Reeves’s Attachment with NFTs and Metaverse

Reeves also informed that he is associated with a charitable organization called ‘Futureverse Foundation’.

He informed me that this foundation is run by a blockchain and NFT company called ‘Non-Fungible Labs’. He and his partner, Alexandra Grant, are part of this foundation as its advisors.

Reeves informed that the sole objective of the foundation is to help and assist ‘less represented actors’. He further said that the foundation is also very active in Metaverse and wants to make the virtual world accessible to the masses.

He further revealed that his partner at Futureverse Foundation is fond of Metaverse and, hence, he is indirectly involved.

Metaverse was the basic reason why he had collaborated with Grant in launching the foundation in the first place, said Reeves.

Reeves Commented on Meta Platforms

Reeves also talked about Meta platforms in great detail during the interview.

He said that Meta’s role in expanding virtual lands beyond expectations is highly appreciated. He also appreciated Meta platforms for putting up on sale a wider range of virtual lands and creating an opportunity for investors.

In December 2021, Reeves revealed his keen interest in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). At that time he commented that NFTs could be used by anyone and is a great source of earning extra income.

However, he hasn’t launched any NFT collectibles of his own, informed Reeves.

He however assured that ‘maybe in the future he would like to avail himself that opportunity but not for now’.

Matrix’s Neo Supports Crypto

Reeves had in the past raised his voice several times in favor of cryptocurrencies.

He is amongst those celebrities who fully support the idea behind cryptocurrencies and other digital asset industry products such as Metaverse and NFTs.

Even when Facebook changed its name to ‘Meta’, he was quick in appreciating Facebook and the team for the change.

He however suggested to Facebook that it would have been much better if Meta could have been invented instead of ‘rebranding Facebook’.

The third part of his John Wick movie sequel is about to be globally released very soon. He said that his movie would bring the audience back to the cinemas.


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