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Informants in US Paid Via Banks As Well As Through Crypto



Aug 20, 2021

US State Department said in the recently held conference “Black Hat hacker” in Las Vegas revealed that the informants can be paid in cash i.e. a suitcase filled with dollars or through bank deposit as well as through crypto, based on their choice.

The criminal system in the US is one of the best in the world. The conviction rate in the US is the best in any country in the world. One of the great aspects of the US criminal system’s success is that the Government pays incentives to those bringing in information. The US State Department calls these individuals who aid law enforcement agencies in catching the criminals as “informants”. The practice of using “informants” in the US is an old one. The system is so efficient that the US Government had arrested the most wanted criminals of the world. Against providing information, the informants are paid in either cash or via bank deposits.

However, in recent times, US Government is very much concerned about the growing cybercrimes activities. According to law enforcement agencies, the reason for the growth of such activities is solely the “cryptocurrencies”.

In the past week, US State Department had hosted a conference which was named as “Black Hat” conference. At this conference, the Department launched a new incentive package for the informants called the “Rewards for Justice”. Most of the attendees of the conference were also wearing clothing showcasing the advertisement of Rewards for Justice. There was also the web portal portrayed on the clothing which revealed the criminals wanted by the Department.

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What was interesting about the contents of the web portal was that the US Government was offering crypto payments to informants. It can be seen on the website that upon giving of information, an informant has the option to choose the payment method. The options available to an informant are payment via bank deposit, hard cash or any cryptocurrency of the choice. The highest reward is the fund of US$ 25 Million, the site further revealed. This particular reward will be paid to the person who will provide information about Ayman al-Zawahiri, who is the leader of Al-Qaeda.

An official of the US State Department told that the Department has been using these tactics to catch most wanted criminals. So far the tactics have worked most of the time in favor of the Department, claimed the official. The official also said that the Department needs more manpower for catching the criminals. For this purpose, they have provided for crypto payments so as to entice more manpower from the tech industry.

So if anyone wants to earn a big money reward and he thinks he has the information the US wanted, can avail the option. The name of the informant can also be kept secret if the informant has any fears.


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