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Industrial Bitcoin Mining Breathes New Life into Tiny Texan Town



Oct 31, 2021

Major Bitcoin miners have taken steps to take Bitcoin mining to a whole new level. In recent development, it has been seen that major Bitcoin miners have set up shop in a former aluminum smelting plant in the small Texan town of Rockdale.

Two of the world’s major Bitcoin (BTC) mining companies have selected the spot for its cheap electricity costs, in a tiny town in Texas. Both mining outlets, Bitdeer, a mining firm that twisted out of Chinese giant Bitmain after the crackdown and Riot Blockchain, a public traded company in the United States, both of these are using aluminum smelting. The goal behind this is to use less energy and save energy costs.

Texas is one of the most crypto-friendly states of the USA.  However, Texan’s aluminum smelting plant was the country’s largest plant. But it went vanished after the company that used to run it, Alco shoved down its operations back in 2008. Lee Bratcher, president of the Texas Blockchain Council, talked about the revival of the mining activities in Texan Town. He said that since the departure of Alcoa, the energy capacity of that place was wasted. Now when the miners are back it’s good news for the energy center and city as well.

Despite the fact that Rockdale is a tiny rural town located in Texas with a population of 5,600 people. But the fact is that it contains all the facilities needed by an industrial scale mining company. The city’s energy resources are massive. Politicians and policymakers are crypto-friendly, there have been massive plots of land fully equipped with mining facilities.

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Over the past couple of months, Texas has specifically focused on developing the small-scale cities for the crypto mining purposes. Nowadays, large number of experts have tipped U.S as the world’s leader for crypto mining and trading in the future.

John King the Mayor of Rockdale while talking about the crypto-related topics said that there have been mutually benefited relations between the local grid operator, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, and miners. He also added that there is no burden on City’s power plants due to the mining activities. Miners are using the energy which would otherwise be wasted.

It is better to use the electricity for the economic benefit of the city rather than waste it. The revival of the mining activities in the city would not just help city to be self sufficient in earning but it will also help the locals to earn a handsome amount of income. Miners are committed to buy a certain amount of energy in order to support their operations.


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