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How The Bitcoin Man Created a Media Hype



Sep 19, 2020
How The Bitcoin Man Created a Media Hype

Quite recently, the cryptocurrency (bitcoin industry) met with a media hype that was created by an anonymous Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporter who also goes by the name of Bitcoin Man. As per the Bitcoin Man, he knowingly did things, creating a situation full of drama and public involvement that caught the eye of the local media that made a short report on the coin.

The Bitcoin (BTC) man stated in order to execute his plan, he printed about 100 Bitcoin cash tip stickers and they cost him no more than $1,100. Even with such a small amount, he was able to get the attention of the local media and got featured in a report delivered by the Bakersfield media outlets.

The Bitcoin (BTC) man added that after printing around Bitcoin cash tip stickers, he placed them all of the Bakersfield’s downtown area, took many clicks to make them look authentic, and went back to his home where he started his next move. As per the Bitcoin Man, he had provided a clue in each bitcoin cash tip that would lead people to the actual Golden $500 Bitcoin Cash Sticker.

Next, the Bitcoin Man-made fake social media accounts, photo-shopped pictures, and crafted fake comments showing that the people had won the actual $500 by following the provided clues and scanning the barcode from the $500 golden bitcoin cash sticker. Later, he took the same comments and photo-shopped pictures only to post them on different Bakersfield groups and pages asking the members there if they had heard about the giveaway from bitcoin (BTC) and to make it more interesting, he added that everyone on the Facebook is talking about this giveaway.

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The Bitcoin man added that doing this started to create a real hype among the Facebook groups as well as social media, which eventually had the Bakersfield locals talking and become more and more curious. In such a short amount of time, the news was posted by Reddit on a thread.

In the end, Bitcoin Man added that the media does not care about the technical philosophical ideology. They are just after hot news and he provided them with one. The media does not want to interview or talk to someone who speaks in a complicated manner. However, others can also do the same and they would not even have to spend thousands but just a few hundred bucks to promote cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Man further added that he did not tell media the real purpose behind this act and simply told them that he did this for the well-being of humankind and help them cheer up from all the problems and hassles they have to deal with on a daily basis.


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