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The recent statement conveyed by the metaverse-based platform for augmented reality Over reveals that the Meterverse Fashion Week 2023 would feature prominent brands led by Gucci, XR Couture, and Pinko. The schedule would also feature the participation of Balmain  particularly for its Space Runners and Ecoolska. Ilona Song confirmed attending the event that is attracting  other traditional fashion and digital couture brands.

Metaverse-Oriented Fashion Week in Milan Attracts Participation of Global Brands

Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 (MVFW23) attracts PricewaterhouseCoopers Italy, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Polygon. The statement reveals the event features Decentraland and Spatial as co-hosts of the metaverse-oriented event alongside Over.

The event is set to prioritize the Future Heritage theme to explore the interlink of creativity featuring tradition and innovation. A critical focus is exploring the viability of cross-metaverse initiatives alongside digital-physical crossovers. The hybrid event by Over, in partnership with the Municipality of Milan, is set to be a dominant attraction during the MVFW23.

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Spatial and Decentraland statements support Over’s sentiments and plans to transform the multi-venue experiences into virtual reality. Unlike the pioneer edition, the forthcoming event is poised to feature improved brand support founded upon the MVFW22 lessons. Also, the festival would have a far-reaching outcome exceeding 165000 wearables and 108000 guests in the previous edition.

Linking Physical Meeting Through Virtual Reality 

Over plans to showcase a distinct hybrid fashion at the Piazza del Duomo Milan. Under the patronage of the Milan Municipality, the virtual AR catwalk scheduled for March 31 will enable digital avatars to showcase unique designs. The designs showcased on the show would range from emerging to established brands.

Over confirmed it would utilize the AR-powered application to offer an immersive-digital crossover treatment to the attendees. By doing so, the application would help unfold emerging avenues for the participating brands to convey their creative ideas to the audience.

Over statement indicates that the hybrid event would feature an AR-oriented experience involving CryptoPunks and Bored Apes. Uniquely from the pioneer edition, it would draw a special panelist from the host Milan Municipality, PWC Italy, Marangoni, and Polygon.

The keynote address during the show would feature Marco Ruffa from Pinko’s digital transformation, while Balmain x Space Runners would showcase the Unicorn NFT collection. Acknowledging participation, Won Soh from Space Runners confessed the excitement of showcasing the Balmain x Space Runners collection. He added that the fashion event would facilitate a platform to extend the digital Unicorn shoe identity towards the physical space.

Fostering Cross-Metaverse Creativity

The update by Over reveals plans to have the cross-metaverse contest allowing designers to compete on creative digital yet interoperable wearables for the avatars. The emphasis on interoperability within Decentraland and Over ecosystem is set to showcase the creativity of integrating tech-driven principles in fashion designs.

Over indicates that the contest accommodates Decentraland’s project of supporting the next generation of digitally oriented creators. The initiative identified as MVFW Neo targets scouting for budding physical-digital designs.

Awarding Top-Ranking Contestants via OVR Tokens

The top-ranking creators would win a $10000 OVR token shared among the five. Additionally, the work from five creators would feature during the Over ecosystem event in a performance by DJ Regard.

A chief operating executive at Over Diego Di Tommaso lauded the inclusion of the community interest to realize the metaverse experience in Milan. In particular, he considers the platform offered to budding digital creators alongside established fashion brands a game changer in the industry.

In support of the event, Over chief executive Davide Cuttini indicated appreciated the achievements of fashion in optimizing Web3 and metaverse potential. Citing the multiplicity of avenues, the executive reiterated that Over would leverage augmented reality to extend the horizon for virtual and physical worlds. The integration would unlock the untapped potential of interoperability among designers to expand consumer bases.

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