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First Purely Digital Artwork Auctioned by Christie’s Auction House



Feb 28, 2021

Following the amount of success and adoption that the NFT sector is gaining, even the largest auction house in the world has decided to auction digital artworks. As per the latest reports, Christie’s Auction House has just announced that it is going to hold an auction for the digital artwork. The auction house has revealed that it is going to be the first-ever artwork created by the firm that is purely digital.

The announcement for the digital artwork auction was made by Christie’s Auction House on Tuesday, February 23, 2021.

During the announcement, Christie’s Auction House revealed that it has already partnered with MakersPlace for the creation of the NFT artwork. MakersPlace is one of the most prominent marketplaces for non-fungible token (NFT) users.

The name of the NFT that will be put for auction is “Everyday: The First 5000 Days”. The platform has revealed that the digital artwork was created by Mike Winkelmann. Although the real name of the creator is Mike Winkelmann, he is popularly known among the NFT artwork community as Beeple.

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More details around the auction price and the auction venue timing have already been shared by MakersPlace through the website. On the website, it has been confirmed that the starting price for the digital artwork for the bidders would start from $100.

Moreover, the time period allocated for the bidding of the digital artwork would be between February 28, 2021, and March 11, 2021.

It has been confirmed that the particular digital artwork has been minted exclusively for Christie’s Auction House. The minting process for the digital artwork was carried out by MakersPlace in the month of February 2021.

The recent auction at the Christie’s Auction House also comes as a huge achievement and honor for Beeple. It has been revealed that it is the first time, Beeple’s digital artwork will be auctioned at a major auction house.

Furthermore, it is also the very first time that Christie’s Auction House has gone for a purely digital artwork that will be sold through the platform. The authenticity of the purely digital artwork will also be ensured by the blockchain network.

A contemporary and postwar expert, Noah Davis who is based in New York, talked about the recent move made by Christie’s Auction House in the NFT sector.

He stated that the recent move made by Christie’s Auction House in the NFT sector is of really high importance to the entire industry. Christie’s latest auction of the digital artwork (NFT) will play a crucial role for the entire NFT industry.

It would also provide more exposure to the digital artwork (NFT) sector in front of the traditional investors and bidders who are regulars at Christie’s Auction House.


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