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Ex-Canadian Minister Candidly Supports Bitcoin While Criticize World’s Central Banks



Sep 18, 2021

The Chairman of the major political party of Canada, Maxime Bernier of Peoples Party of Canada, has reiterated his support for Bitcoin. He also criticized the world’s central bank, including the Bank of Canada, by suggesting that they are bent on ruining the global economy as well as exposing fiats to extreme risks without even realizing that crypto could be used as an alternative to back their economies.

Maxime Bernier is a Canadian politician who is currently the Chairman of a major political party known as the Peoples Party of Canada. He had also served his nation by remaining part of the Canadian Government as the Canadian Foreign Minister. During his time as the Minister, Bernier was regarded as one of the most distinguished heads of the Canadian foreign office that had ever come. He is also widely popular by the name “Canadian Mad Max”, a title which was given to him by his die-hard supporters.

Recently, the Canadian Mad Max has once again reiterated his utmost support and approval of Bitcoin. He revealed his acknowledgment for Bitcoin in a tweet message where he said that people often ask him about Bitcoin. They ask him whether he personally lends any support to Bitcoin or not. He then commented that yes he is die-hard support of Bitcoin. But he hated the world’s central banks’ treatment meted out to this unique currency i.e. Bitcoin.

He kept on criticizing the central banks in overlooking the aspect of crypto being a credit alternate source. He suggested that throughout his life he strongly believed that silver and gold are the two best investment vehicles. However, his opinion evolved with the changing times and the need of the hour is to accept the very existence of cryptocurrencies. He said that crypto and its parent technology is something that must be embraced by all nations. In fact, it is a solution to millions of problems and therefore should be gratefully accepted and encouraged.

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Bernier also commented that most of the central banks of the world are presently bent upon ruining global economies. He criticized that central banks’ officials are afraid because they think if something bad happens, then at least they wouldn’t be blamed. However, this is a totally unnecessary assumption, he claimed.

Canadian Mad Max has once again proven that he has an unshackled view regarding crypto, and particularly about Bitcoin. In fact, he had been voicing against his own Government as well as the Bank of Canada and its policies. Earlier in the month of June, he heavily criticized his own Government by suggesting that the Government is printing additional money irrationally. He said that the printing of money was causing debasement of the American Dollar while inflation was climbing significantly.


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