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ElonHype Hyped by 274.17% and May Surge to $0.0002860, Price Analysis



May 15, 2022

At the time of writing, the ElonHype bulls are giving a tough challenge to the bears at $0.0001032 per ELONHYPE. They are strongly contested by the bears but so far, they have managed to prove their prowess.

The bulls have reportedly regained control of the bears. It was since the midday trading on May 4 the trading price of ElonHype started experiencing a dip. From there, the trading price of ElonHype continued dropping and then traveled across the week at a low rate.

Prior to the 4th of May dip, ElonHype was trading at a high of $0.0001789 per ELONHYPE. However, the midday trading resulted in causing a huge dip, bringing ElonHype down to 0.00003341 per ELONHYPE.

From there, ElonHype continued experiencing the same dip and by May 9, ElonHype plunged to $0.00002468 per ELONHYPE.

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Current Price Trend for ElonHype

From May 9 to May 10, the investors joined hands with the bulls with the aim of regaining ElonHype’s lost value. They initiated their strong buying spree, forming a 274.17% rally in the past 24-hours.

Due to the strong rally, ElonHype has reached its current trading price. Compared to the old trading price of ElonHype, it is just the first lead the bulls have taken. It is being strongly suggested that the investors may remain bullish for a longer period. This would help the rallies remain persistent and strong.

Technical Factors

The technical factors are also leaning towards the bullish trend and may start providing it with strong support. The summary scale for ElonHype currently shows that out of the total investors 48.09% investors want to invest in ElonHype.

The two major factors that back the summary scale include the moving averages and the oscillators scale. When it comes to the scale of the moving average, it is currently supporting the “buy” sentiments of the investors. It shows that 51% of the total investors support buying ElonHype and only 20% of investors want to sell it.

Then comes the oscillator scale that is showing neutral sentiments of the investors. It shows that 56.49% of the total investors want to remain neutral about ElonHype. Out of the total investors, only 21.75% of investors want to sell it and the same number supports buying sentiments.

The RSI for ElonHype has successfully crossed the midline and it is at 56.55. Then it is the ultimate oscillator for ElonHype, which stands at 48.54. Overall, the trend is supportive of ElonHype and the technical factors may grow even more bullish in the upcoming days.

ElonHype’s Journey Towards $0.0002860

The data now suggests that the trend for ElonHype may remain bullish. Over time, the bulls may continue adding more support from their side for ElonHype, pushing its price to $0.0001820 per ELONHYPE.

If the rally remains strong and the buying sentiments of the investors remain strong, ElonHype’s price may surge to $0.0002248 per ELONHYPE.

As the bulls build more pressure over the bears, they may start moving out of their way. This would allow them to push ElonHype’s price to $0.0002860 per ELONHYPE.


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