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El Salvador declared Bitcoin as legal tender in 2021 sending shockwaves through the market. The announcement, made during the 2021 Miami Bitcoin Conference by President Nayib Bukele, raised both hopes and concerns among citizens and observers alike.

Memories of the 2001 economic crisis, which saw the phasing out of El Salvador’s native currency in favor of the U.S. dollar, fueled apprehensions about the potential outcomes of this groundbreaking policy.

Despite the government’s efforts to encourage the adoption of Bitcoin, including financial incentives for downloading a special cryptocurrency app, the initiative faced significant hurdles.

The actual use of Bitcoin for daily transactions remained limited, leading to skepticism about the feasibility and benefits of such a radical economic experiment.

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The Volcano Bonds Initiative

Amidst these challenges, President Bukele announced an ambitious plan to launch “Volcano Bonds,” aiming to raise $1 billion to support a Bitcoin mining operation powered by the country’s geothermal energy. This initiative not only seeks to capitalize on El Salvador’s volcanic resources but also to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly mining industry.

Overcoming the Hurdles

A study involving 1,800 households revealed that while the adoption of Bitcoin and the Chivo Wallet was initially high, usage dwindled over time. The findings indicated that concerns over privacy, transparency, and the cost of adoption hindered widespread acceptance. In response, the government has taken steps to address these issues, including incorporating Bitcoin education into the public school curriculum in 2024.

The Launch of Volcano Bonds

After overcoming regulatory and logistical delays, El Salvador is set to issue the much-anticipated Volcano Bonds in 2024. These bonds are expected to play a crucial role in financing the nation’s sovereign debt and the construction of Bitcoin City—a project aimed at creating a hub for Bitcoin mining using renewable energy sources.

The bonds, offering a 6.5% annual return, symbolize El Salvador’s commitment to developing a digital economy based on blockchain technology and sustainable energy. The government’s partnership with companies like Tether underscores the international interest and investment in this innovative venture.

Regulatory Framework and Future Prospects

The adoption of the Digital Asset Issuance law in November 2022 laid the groundwork for the issuance of Volcano Bonds, establishing a regulatory framework for digital assets beyond Bitcoin. This legal structure is essential for providing certainty in digital asset transactions and fostering a secure and transparent environment for investors.

The connection between the Volcano Bonds and Bitcoin City highlights El Salvador’s vision for a sustainable, crypto-driven economy. The construction of a 241-megawatt mining facility, powered by renewable energy from volcanoes, solar, and wind, exemplifies the country’s innovative approach to harnessing natural resources for economic growth.

Economic Impact and the Global Perspective

The success of Volcano Bonds could significantly influence El Salvador’s economic landscape, potentially attracting foreign investment and fostering innovation in the tech sector. The government’s initiatives, including tax exemptions for technology investments and the “freedom visa” program, aim to position El Salvador as a leader in the global cryptocurrency space.

El Salvador’s bold experiment with Bitcoin and the launch of Volcano Bonds have sparked interest across Latin America and beyond. As other countries observe El Salvador’s progress, the potential for a domino effect in cryptocurrency adoption grows, highlighting the transformative power of digital currencies in reshaping economies and financial systems.


El Salvador’s journey from introducing Bitcoin as legal tender to launching Volcano Bonds represents a pioneering experiment in the integration of digital currencies into a national economy.

While challenges remain, the initiative reflects a bold vision for leveraging technology and renewable resources to foster economic growth and innovation.

As El Salvador embarks on this uncharted path, the world watches closely, anticipating the ripple effects of its pioneering venture on global financial markets and cryptocurrency adoption.

Xavier Jackson

Xavier Jackson

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