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Cypherpunk holdings makes their way into crypto mining as well



Oct 26, 2021

Cryptocurrencies have proven to be a very good investment throughout the years. Despite its recent rise to glory only being about five years old, cryptocurrencies have been cooking up for over a decade now. But now that the market has managed to rise to such a degree, it has been able to make quite the impression on various markets. And one of the most recent companies to be taking interest in cryptocurrencies, especially the mining side, is Cypherpunk holdings.

Despite being a Canadian firm, Cypherpunk has managed to become very famous around the world as a specialist of cryptocurrencies. Their diverse portfolio has allowed them to manage a variety of unique cryptocurrencies for their clients. However, they are done taking a backseat to the entire market and now want to have a more hands on approach to it.

Therefore, they have decided to make a historic move towards crypto mining, and are already making the necessary purchases. MiningStore will be hosting the 25 Bitmain S19J mining machines for Cypherpunk. The company has even confirmed that the price for the 25 machines cost close to $300,000.

For those not in the know, Bitmain crypto mining machines are some of the best products to use to mine crypto. It is not only powerful but it also has state-of-the-art tech that would make them very future proof. Almost every major mining initiative in the world makes use of these machines, since they can outperform any custom made PC.

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The CEO of Cypherpunk also commented about their recent move and what he thinks about it. He said that their initiative to invest in cryptocurrencies has also extended to include crypto mining. He also said that proper investments in mining will allow Cypherpunk to diversify its portfolio by a great degree.

And with mining integrated into the business, they will even be able to accumulate more assets easily. Therefore, this can put them in an interesting position, as they will now also be the supplier of cryptocurrencies along with buyers. To help them with their initiative, Cypherpunk has partnered with MiningStore to help them manage their operation.

MiningStore itself is a massive Bitcoin mining specialist, who started their business right around the time of the first crypto boom. And as soon as the crypto market rose to success, they rose with it, becoming the biggest mining company in the market.

Furthermore, MiningStore’s crypto mining practices are much more sustainable than other companies. They have managed to tap into renewable resources, which allow them to mine crypto without having a very big carbon footprint.


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