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Cryptocurrency Transactions to be monitored by Bank of Korea



May 13, 2021

The Bank of Korea, which is the monetary policy regulator in South Korea, has recently made its plans public for the cryptocurrency industry. The regulator has revealed how it plans to keep a track of cryptocurrency transactions.

In order to do it, the regulatory authority would have the financial institutions provide it with the necessary documents. It would also acquire transactional information from the banks in order to track down any unusual transaction activities.

The regulatory authority has shared the same concern as any other regulatory from the European and American regions. Almost every regulatory authority around the globe is unanimous when it comes to stating that cryptocurrencies are highly unpredictable.

Cryptocurrencies have always been volatile and unpredictable. This makes them very risky for any country where they have a strong presence and the majority of the people end up investing in them.

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South Korea is currently facing exactly the same scenario, as the cryptocurrency adoption rate in the country is enormous. No matter the age group or economic class, everyone in South Korea seems to be investing in cryptocurrencies.

Even teenagers in South Korea are most likely to invest in cryptocurrencies than any other asset. Ever since the cryptocurrency industry came into existence, South Korea has stood by it as a strong supporter. The country has supported the cryptocurrency industry no matter the situation or the outcome.

This is the reason why South Korea is called the hub for cryptocurrencies in the region. The government of South Korea has even added it to their development program alongside the artificial intelligence models.

Now it seems that the South Korean government and regulators ended up underestimating the potential and growth of cryptocurrencies in the country. Recent research has shown that many people in South Korea have started quitting their jobs because of cryptocurrencies.

Even Samsung, one of the largest tech giants in the world revealed that it had several of its employees in South Korea quit jobs because of the same reason.

The companies in South Korea are revealing that the reason behind quitting jobs is the boom in cryptocurrencies. People in the country are spending heavily on cryptocurrencies and as a result, are making huge fortunes.

Some people even ended up making millions by investing in cryptocurrencies in a single. The trade volume in cryptocurrencies on several occasions has surpassed the volume of stocks trading in the country.

Therefore, the regulatory authorities in South Korea are now concerned about the fact how much unstable the cryptocurrency industry is. If everyone in South Korea gets onboard cryptocurrencies and they collapse, it would have a deeply negative impact on the country’s economy.

Therefore, the regulatory authorities are intensifying the screening process in order to keep a close eye on cryptocurrency transactions. For now, the regulatory authorities are ensuring that they keep a track of the profits and revenues it generates through cryptocurrencies.

Another reason why the regulatory authorities want to know every crypto movement in the country is to ensure that no one evades taxes.


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