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Cryptocurrency Trading in China – Why Is Bitcoin Worth So Much Today?



Jan 10, 2018

If you happen to own any Bitcoin right now, you have started 2018 in the best way possible: This cryptocurrency has a value that rises significantly day by day and there seem to be no signs of it slowing down at all. China is one of the places that is seeing a huge increases, but the coin is extremely valuable all over the world without a doubt.

Most people wonder what it is that has allowed this particular cryptocurrency to become so valuable. They wonder what makes it valuable and how it too off like it did. We are going to go over the most basic reason why this happens and what truly makes these currencies gain any value for business transactions.

The Rise of Bitcoin in China

China is the true core of the reason why this is happening and the truth is that this is very easy to explain. Let’s say that a bunch of people decide that they are going to give a an apple a new value. They will turn apples into things you use to acquire products and services but this wouldn’t be a regulated coin, so it’s value is not taxed. One apple could be equal to $1 by the time you begin the apple currency phenomenon. You can still use dollars, but this is an alternative way for you to purchase things without taxation.

Eventually more people start to hear of this place where people go in order to spend a new currency that can’t be touched by governments or banks and this means its entire value is kept without taxation. The need to create more apples for people to use them as currency will increase its value due to how hard it is to keep up with the production. It so happens that the largest number of transactions with bitcoins is made in China, so they have been the one that have given value to the Bitcoin. This value will continue to increase as long as a huge number of people start looking for a way to get some Bitcoins of their own in order to make tax-free purchases.

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Is Bitcoin a Bubble – Will Bitcoin Crash?

The problem is that many experts believe that this is going to come to an end sooner than people think, but others are quick to mention that the financial entities are not able to regulate them as they are not owned by any country or region in particular. They are for all intents and purposes just exiting in a virtual world and this means they are not to be governed. If that is the case, the value will continue to rise and people will be able to purchase much more with them. This is the reason why some see it as a risk that is very much worth calculating. One of those risks that are usually going to end up being a great investment that allows them to get more for less. So, only time will tell who was truly right.


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