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Crypto Shines While Dollar Falls alongside IMF and WB in Ex-Russian Premier’s Future



Jan 2, 2023
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Ex-Russian President and Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, who is currently Russia’s State Council’s Dy. Chairman, described the future the way he sees it.

In the future of Medvedev, digital currencies shall become the norm and the US Dollar would lose its sanctity to digital currencies.

He further sees global de-dollarization and the fall of global reserve currency alongside International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank.

Fall of IMF and WorldBank

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Medvedev was on Twitter when he described the future of the world in a back-to-back tweet post.

He genuinely believes that the monetary system known as “Bretton Woods” is on the brink of collapse and the collapse is due in 2023.

He believes that the collapse of Bretton Woods would subsequently lead to the crashing of the World Bank and IMF together.

Crypto Taking Over Fiat, Especially USD

As regards fiat currencies, Medvedev talked about the two global reserve currencies of the world namely the USD and the Euro. He said that both of these currencies along with all other national level fiats shall lose their sanctities.

He believes that usual fiats, including the USD and Euro, would hence be overtaken by digital currencies. He described that usage of digital currencies would become so common that nobody is carrying cash anymore.

Medvedev also discussed the future of stock markets. He said that all prominent stock markets will relocate outside the US and Europe and preferably settle in Asia.

Asia would hence be the next financial activity hub in which the US and Europe would both be out of the picture.

Medvedev’s Oil Price Predictions for 2023

The year is going to end today and everybody seems to be sending in their predictions either humorously, mischievously, or seriously.

He was hence going through hypotheses and potential outcomes in the future of others when Medvedev also added his predictions.

He even went on to predict future prices of oil in 2023. He stated said that based on his analysis oil shall be sold in the international markets at $150 per barrel.

Division of Europe

He also suggested that in 2023, natural gas prices would go as high as $5,000.

Medvedev also suggested that the EU is destined to collapse soon after the UK comes into the block again.

He then suggested that the Europe region would once again be divided where the breaking of war between Germany and France is possible.

‘While Poland and Hungary will grab the opportunity of controlling areas falling in Western Ukraine’, claimed Medvedev.

Predictions Regarding Future President of the US

It seemed as if the ex-premier of Russia was in the mood as he predicted about many things. He couldn’t even restrict himself from making predictions about the US’s future.

About the US, he predicted that the State of Texas would become independent and join Mexico for forming an alliance.

In forced circumstances, the US would have to let go of California and allow it to become an ‘independent’ state, suggested Medvedev.

As regards the future US President, he claimed that Tesla’s CEO and Twitter owner, Elon Musk, would be the future President.

So these were the few quite surprising and shocking future predictions of ex-Prime Minister and President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev.

What he has predicted does not seem to be coming true in the near or even in the distant future considering the circumstances.

Medvedev was and is involved in Russia’s helm of affairs and Russia has the potential of changing the dynamics of future outcomes.

However, there is a possibility that Europe may lose its global influence because of its biggest support, and the US may face issues in near future.

Among all the countries fearing the emergence of recession is the United States. Many banking firms from the US have predicted that the country is destined to face a recession.

When that happens, Russia may try its best to boost its economy and move to the front. This would allow Russia to take control of global diplomacy more than the US.

On the other hand, Europe will lose the strength it currently has as the US will no longer be able to support it that much.


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