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Crypto Lotto: Cryptocurrency Lottery Platforms Online – How Does it Work?



Sep 10, 2017

The currency that operates in the digital world is Cryptocurrency. The advent of Cryptocurrency was started in 2008 with the advent of Bitcoin and that is still the most famous and lucrative Cryptocurrency. There are many ways in which the transactions of Cryptocurrency takes place, the one process of Cryptography is through miners and the other takes place through valuators’.

Cryptocurrency and its Exchanges

As we have money exchanges in the fiat world. In the same way we have digital exchanges like HitBTC, BTC Trade, Coinone, Poloneix and many more comprises of their specialized features. There are several Cryptocurrencies that are quite famous and have easy trading value Augur, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum and many more like these.

Cryptocurrency and Lottery

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The lottery is a game where people play to win. There is no risk or being led down or got crashed in online lottery system. You just have to buy as many tickets the amount you want and yes you are equipped to win the prize. There is no stake in online gaming especially with Cryptocurrency.

There are many online Cyptocurrency lottery games and are offered on plenty of websites that are operated through different exchanges and different Cryptocurrencies.

Lottery is a game that has its own significance in the hearts of gamer’s that brings lots of fortunes to the players of the game. The different websites plays lottery with acceptance of different cryptocurrencies. Some will accept Bitcoin and some will accept Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash.

Famous Cryptocurrency Lottery Platforms:

The lottery system of Cryptocurrency operates with different website where whole website is connected with digital Exchanges, miners, valuators’ and much more. The famous lottery websites that are also known as the lottery points are Kibo, YABTCL, BuzzLotto and mangy more. The lottery helps winning in many prizes and yes your digital wallet is happy with the Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Lottery Platform

The Bitcoin Lottery platform is totally free in nature and provides amazing opportunities to win the Bitcoin. The platform is 100 percent free and you can become a part of the platform anytime you want. One just has to open the Bitcoin Lottery sight and have to register yourself with your email address and the Bitcoin address.

The site is free and does not earn the money by having register fee; it earns money by publishing different advertisements on the platform. That is why it is the most popular among the people who plays lottery.

True Flip is a blockchain lottery platform. We have already developed a bitcoin-based and fair-proof lottery 6/49 (Powerball*) and plan to make at least 3 more lottery games. https://youtu.be/LRn1qcAdKyU
<span> <span style=font size 14pt>True Flip is a <a href=httpthenextbitcoinnetblockchain data internallinksmanager029f6b8e52c=7 title=blockchain>blockchain<a> lottery platform We have already developed a bitcoin based and fair proof lottery 649 Powerball and plan to make at least 3 more lottery games <span style=color 0000ff><span style=color 0000ff>httpsyoutubeLRn1qcAdKyU<span><span><span>

It is the only platform that is using the new Crypto-Currency Bitcoin (BTC) has new, modern and user friendly lottery system. The Bitcoin lottery platform is 100 percent cheat proof offering the fair and easy technology that makes sure that it can be checked at any point of time. There are some benefits of playing lottery games with Bitcoin and those are:

  1. It is absolutely free
  2. Probably the most fair lottery site
  3. If you win a prize instantly, you would be paid instantly.



Kibo is Ethereum based lottery platform that works very smartly with contact details. Kibo has introduced the technology of Blockchain into the industry of games and lotteries. That is how one can use Cryptocurrency lotto to play games or lottery while staying at home or can operate from any part of the word.

Kibo and its complexity: Kibo has many lottery games but it has many stages. The blockchain is exclusively operated through the Ethereum smart card. The crucial advantage was if a person is eliminated he or she can be completely.



The online lottery platform named Peerplays is one of the leading peer to peer lottery systems. The peerplays was established in June 6, 2017. The peerplay has an added feature is that the blockchain of Cryptocurrency live now. One can get its share of cryptocurrency any time. One can open his wallet anytime and starts his wallet to keep the currency safe by downloading the application. The winners gets there prizes in the desired time. If for some reason the prize gets delayed, the prize will move to the wallet until the transactions gets completed. That is why the lottery system is fun and yet technical.


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