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Crypto Games & Craze of Earning Real Time Money



Oct 1, 2021

The first ever virtual reality game, developed on the basis of blockchain technology, was Cryptokitties. From there onwards, there have been many blockchains and then came the highly acclaimed blockchain game called “Axie Infinity”. Now there is another play-to-earn blockchain game called “The Three Kingdoms” under-development.

It has been reported in the press that the developers of The Three Kingdoms are very positive about the upcoming game’s interface. The upcoming game is going to be a “strategy-based” game with characters from the ancient history of China. The interface of the game has been designed in a manner that it will allow players to earn rewards. The rewards can be converted into either crypto funds or fiat i.e. real hard cash. However, the players will be given rewards at leveling up, completion of missions and achievements etc.

Initially, when computer games were invented, people played them for leisure and pleasure. Some even played these games for their passion of becoming the best player. However, over time, the entire gaming industry has changed and evolved drastically. Gomes of the modern era, come with high graphics, and above all, provide for virtual worlds. Players can raise up pets, and even human child, sell and purchase them. The relationship can be developed virtually and a whole can be raised up. Players can access online gaming world with millions of players playing a specific game at the same time.

But now the gaming industry has become serious. It can be taken as a profession as well. Local and international tournaments of games have been played throughout the year. In return, the winning players are rewarded with real hard cash into thousands and even millions of dollars.

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Similarly, most of the blockchain-based games too come with real reward incentives. However, since most of them were developed years ago, their graphics are not the same as the games developed in modern times. Even the rewards are limited to certain numbers and given to only exceptional players. But the developers of The Three Kingdoms want to expand their rewards as well as guarantee the best graphics seen so far.

The upcoming game will provide for rewards against multiple achievements such as leveling up, completion of missions and achievements etc. Normally, a very small portion of a price money is offered against the mammoth task of defeating global opponents. However, in The Three Kingdoms, rewards in the shape of NFTs are going to be offered. These rewarded NFTs in the game can be exchangeable, saleable and purchasable.

Recently, Snoop Dogg, a famous American rapper, too has been found to be an addictive player of a blockchain-based game. He has entered into a deal with the developers of that game to allow players to play as “Snoop Dogg” character. Dogg is also intending to sell in-game NFTs against which he has proposed to build his in-game mansion.


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