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Crypto Becoming More Mainstream by Day GoCrypto and Binance Pay



Sep 25, 2021

Gocrypto has effectively made the mainstream reach of crypto significantly wider through the integration of Binance pay. For those who don’t know, GoCrypto is essentially a solution that lets merchants buy, withdraw, store and accept crypto with ease. The exchange made the announcement about the integration recently. It stated that in this system, Binance Pay would enter the system of GoCrypto.

Doing this will effectively, give the adopters of crypto a higher range of options for choosing crypto. All of this just proves as crypto is becoming more and more mainstream by the day. Initially, people were under the impression that crypto would just be a flavor of the month and not have anything to offer. As time passes, however, people are beginning to realize that crypto is indeed the real deal and here to stay for long.

It took several years for the GoCrypto project to be completed and the company behind it is to thank for it. The name of the company is Elly, and it is a completely regulated company present in more than 60 countries for now. What’s more, it plans to expend to several other markets with governments showing more and more leniencies by the day. The introduction of this system would allow merchants to make payments without any inconveniences no matter where they are.

However, that is not all. This is because the GoCrypto service has a lot more to offer, one of those things being brick and mortar businesses being able to accept payments right away. These payments particularly include the usage of a variety of crypto-related wallets. Integrating binance pay with crypto go will basically allow tens of millions of app users access to more than forty cryptocurrencies supported by binance pay.

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Furthermore, they will be able to access all of these from more than a thousand GoCrypto locations, which is fairly convenient. The developer of GoCrypto, Elly, also showcased the bridge it would be introducing for its GOC token. According to the developer, this token would allow migrations between SLP  protocols present on the binance smart chain as well as bitcoin cash blockchain.

Needless to say, GoCrypto has been making strides in the crypto world and it already has chosen Slovenia as its home country. For those who don’t know, Slovenia just so happens to be the worldwide leader as far as the amount of brick and mortar services and shops accepting crypto wallet payments. This shows that it can truly gain benefit of customer experience as well as retail space. With all of these developments, it would be fair to say that crypto is indeed moving towards the mainstream very quickly.


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