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Critics Say That the Russian Dictators Will Use Blockchain Technology to Rig Elections



May 31, 2021
Germany Looking to Decentralize their Energy Economy with the Help of Blockchain Technology

Ever since the beginning of 2021, the local media sources from Russia have started bringing out more reports around the country’s blockchain adoption. From the looks of it, the Russian Government seems to be fully involved with blockchain technology.

The country has demonstrated great knowledge of the adoption of blockchain technology. Now the government of Russia has its eyes set up the blockchain technology that it wants to introduce in the elections. According to reports, Russia has announced how it wants to adopt blockchain technology for the upcoming elections.

However, many critics and observers are talking about how the blockchain-powered voting system may end up getting used for wrong motives. The critics have pointed out that there are many dishonest politicians within the government of Russia.

Therefore, the voting system powered by the blockchain system may end up getting used for the worst part. The critics have predicted that there are high chances that the technology may end up in the wrong hands.

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The dishonest politicians may use the technology in their favor and they successfully carry out voter fraud through rigged elections. Even the journalists and local media channels in Russia are sharing their views around the scam.

The journalists in Russia are taking the allegations to a whole new level. They have become very expressive about the wrongdoings by the politicians in the country. The report suggests that a particular journalist, Sergei Golubitsky has even written about the true motives behind the blockchain-based voting systems.

Golubitsky has talked about the Russian Government’s motives in his column titling it as “Blockchain for Dictators”. Golubitsky is a long-time contributor to Novaya Gazeta, which is a Russian newspaper leaning towards liberalism. On top of that, Sergei Golubitsky shares his expertise as a journalist in the IT sector.

Golubitsky criticized how the blockchain-based voting system adopted by the Russian Government is flawed. He claimed that the same blockchain system adopted by the Russian Government for the upcoming elections can be easily hacked into.

The government had used and tested the same blockchain-based voting technology for voting on the constitutional reform referendum. Even at that point, it was highlighted that the blockchain-based voting system had many problems that had to be addressed.

On top of that, the management dealing with the blockchain-based voting system also found out about the hack attempts during the election. The investigation team even found a spoiled e-ballot that the hackers had successfully corrupted.

He claimed that the government of the Russian President Vladimir Putin is already aware of these flaws. Instead, of doing anything about it, the government is using the blockchain-based voting system in their favor and win the elections once again to rule the country.


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