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Core Scientific Wants to Sell Bitmain Vouchers for $6 Million



Feb 11, 2023

Core Scientific, a now-defunct Bitcoin mining operation, reported an application in emergence on January 25.

They asked for consent to make the Bitmain vouchers available for purchase, ranging at a valuation of $6.6 million.

The vouchers had been purchased using Core Scientific’s mining hardware. According to what is stated in the petition, different limits have been placed on the coupons.

As a result of these limits, the coupons cannot be used, which renders them useless for the activities of Core Scientific.

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The coupons are only redeemable for users if they want to pay for thirty percent of S19 Miners, along with any order that is new and situated with Bitmain.

Under no circumstances are they eligible to be exchanged with Bitmain for a currency that is backed by the government.

Crypto Winter Impacts The Cryptocurrency Miners As Per Core Scientific

The amount of S19 miners available to sell on the secondary market increased as a result of the crypto winter. This led to a decline in pricing, which caused a decrease in the overall value of the cryptocurrency.

Recent transactions on the Coupon Exchange involving S19 Miner coupons occurred at prices from 15%-25% of the face value of the coupon. You only have the option to redeem the coupons for S19 devices.

The hash rate output is quite low in comparison to the current models that Bitmain has introduced. This limitation is placed on each and every one of the coupons.

The company pointed out that the debtors do not believe in using liquidated funds to purchase S19 miners is the optimal utilization of their resources. Not even with the availability of the Bitmain Coupons.

This statement was made in response to the fact that the Bitmain Coupons are currently in circulation.

This statement was made in response to the fact that Bitmain Coupons are currently being distributed throughout the ecosystem.

Furthermore, the Bitmain coupons will no longer be redeemable between the months of March and April of 2023.

This is because the company anticipates that it will have successfully emerged from its Chapter 11 reorganization around this time.

Moreover, Core Scientific has announced that it has no plans to buy any new S19 miners either.

Either while it is operating under the protection of Chapter 11 or after it has emerged from the protection of that chapter.

Also, the cryptocurrency company stated that it has been in negotiations with Bitmain and two possible third parties too.

They are interested in purchasing the vouchers at a significant discount. Such discussions have been ongoing for a while.

Celsius’s Mining Rigs Were Destroyed By Core

In a related turn of events, a Bitcoin miner made an announcement just a few weeks ago.

He intends to put an end to the operation of 37,000 Bitcoin mining machines – that previously belonged to the cryptocurrency lender Celsius.

This was in accordance with a deal that had been reached between the two failing businesses.

This was done in accordance with a deal that had been struck between the two failing businesses before this point.

Core Scientific is entitled to approximately $7.8 million in compensation for the energy and hosting costs it has incurred.

These were a result of Celsius’s failure to make periodic payments as required by the hosting contract.

The reason for this is that Celsius was unable to make the payments when they were supposed to be made.

Core Scientific is represented by attorneys who are of the view that the mining equipment for Bitcoin must be shut down. They claim that a significant amount of money can be saved if the mining equipment is turned off.

Moreover, the company is capable of generating 2 million dollars in revenue by giving their hosting seats on a rental basis to different operations which is related to mining.

The attorneys claim that Core Scientific is represented by attorneys.

They have stressed that switching off their bitcoin mining operations, can be a lucrative endeavor for the company as it helps them save plenty of equipment costs.

Also, Core Scientific possesses the potential to earn this amount by letting other mining operations use the seats that belong to the company.


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