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CoinDesk Warns Online Users Of The On-Going Frauds



Sep 12, 2020
CoinDesk Warns Online Users Of The On-Going Frauds

One of the most fortunate things about the Crypto-Currency industry is its potential to offer its investors a huge amount of profits and at the same time, the most unfortunate aspect of this industry is its affinity to attract online scammers, phishers, and imposters. In order to lure innocent and novice traders into spending their money on causes or deals that do not exist, to begin with.

This is exactly what the entire online/internet community witnessed in the month of July where a bunch of scammers managed in hijacking one of the most prominent Twitter accounts with humongous following such as Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and even presidential figures (Joe Biden) to ruse people to invest in Bitcoin.

Among the victims was CoinDesk for, whom it is not the first time being hijacked by the scammers and fraudsters to lure people into investing in something that does not even exist, depriving people of their investments and life-savings. However, CoinDesk fears that this is neither the last time it would happen.

In the past, the scammers managed to use the same tactics to swindle innocent users by impersonating as CoinDesk representatives and asking them to send over money to receive higher payments, and this is something CoinDesk never does.

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CoinDesk has added that in the recent years, these scammers have gotten advanced and adapted new and more convincing methods to lure innocent users in order to deprive them of their assets and make promises they would never fulfill. At present, these fraudsters copy the newsletters and the logo of their brand and send emails to these users with a link, emphasizing them to use the link provided in the email body.

These fraudsters manage to acquire the lists of these users and to some extent, of users who are very likely to believe any news or claims made by the crypto-currencies. The fraudsters end up acquiring this list from either the dark web or brokers who ignore the privacy policies and share the lists to make some bucks.

At the end, CoinDesk has requested its users as well as the entire internet community to be varied and stay alert of these scammers at whenever they receive such emails, process if they opted for such service or payments.


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