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Cashback Rewards Offered by Dallas Mavericks to Fans for Making Purchases Using Dogecoin



Sep 4, 2021

As per the latest reports, a cashback rewards program has been launched by the Dallas Mavericks. The Dallas Mavericks is one of the major franchises from the National Basketball Association (NBA). The particular team is owned by Mark Cuban, who is a world-renowned businessman, celebrity, and entrepreneur, who is a self-made billionaire.

Mark Cuban has announced that his franchise is going to hold a cashback rewards program. From the particular rewarding program, the users will be able to receive gift cards. However, there is a condition that the customers and fans need to fulfill in order to be eligible for cashback rewards.

In order for the customers/fans to be eligible for the cashback program, they will need to purchase merchandise and other items using Dogecoin (DOGE). This is going to work in favor of both, the customers/fans as well as the Dallas Mavericks. This way, the Dallas Mavericks’ website would be able to benefit from the cashback program.

The details around the rewarding program show that it has been titled “Mavs Cryptomania”. Another requirement that the fans/customers need to fulfill is to make purchases of at least $150 at the website to be eligible for cashback rewards.

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The details reveal that in a single transaction, the customers/fans will be required to spend at least $150 worth of Dogecoin. This would meet the eligibility requirements for the cashback program and they will be receiving an e-gift card worth $25. The receivers of the e-gift cards will be able to use them on the online shop of Dallas Mavericks.

On the website of Dallas Mavericks, it has been confirmed that the program will continue until the end of September 30, 2021. According to figures, the users will be required to spend somewhere around 505 DOGE to meet the minimum $150 requirement.

It was back in March of 2021 when the Dallas Mavericks started accepting Dogecoin on their online shops for payments. It is the first-ever NBA franchise that sought exposure in cryptocurrencies and one of the top players when it comes to the adoption of DOGE.

Initially, the Dallas Mavericks had announced the acceptance of Bitcoin and Ethereum on the website for payments. However, as DOGE rose to fame and gained worldwide recognition, the Dallas Mavericks’ online shop was the first to add DOGE to its platform.

Mark Cuban, who once showed great opposition towards cryptocurrencies and even called Bitcoin a waste of investments, has turned crypto-pro. He is the one making decisions for the adoption of BTC, ETH, and DOGE on the Dallas Mavericks’ website.

Mark Cuban also reported that since adopting DOGE, their website’s crypto-revenue has doubled, where DOGE is contributing half while the other half is covered by BTC and ETH.


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