• Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson took to Twitter to deny any collaboration between Cardano and XRP. According to the tweet, it clarified the perceived poisonous environment within the XRP community while refuting any rumours of cooperation.

Hoskinson expressed his opinions without holding back, labelling the XRP community as “toxic and petty.” The said partnership is related to the persistent conjecture and rumor in the cryptocurrency world regarding possible alliances between popular blockchain projects.

A member of the XRP community has recently dug up a year old comment by the Cardano boss, about XRP. In the said comment, he (Hoskinson) has been specific about the XRP community, describing them as harsh, petty, and toxic. The comment went ahead to debunk any future collaboration between Ripple and Cardano. 

Hoskinson’s Statement Emphasis on Transparency, Address The Social Media Community

Hoskinson had already been contacted by David Schwartz, Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), asking him to reconsider his assessment of XRP. Hoskinson, though, decided to say nothing more about it. Hoskinson insisted that his earlier statement still stands when asked his opinion about the present talks for a possible partnership.

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He referred to the history of the toxic attitude of the cryptocurrency community, making specific reference to the XRP community. He also mentioned the proposed need for more technical collaboration between XRP and Cardano. Hoskinson insists that it is the primary enabler of the continuous reluctance.

Reacting to this, Lacton Muriuki from CryptoPolitan said that sentiment plays a significant role in cryptocurrency markets, and statements made by well-known individuals can affect how specific projects are viewed. Muriuki added that the open communication and teamwork within the sector support the development of a healthy and progressive ecosystem.

Hoskinson Says XRP Not Decentralized, Prefers CBDC And Interbank Settlement System

News has it that the rejection of a collaboration with XRP, has raised concerns about the relationships between various blockchain initiatives. In a recent comment, the Cardano founder says that XRP has an entirely different product market base designed to solve another individual purpose.

He added that this is unlike what applies to Algorand, Ethereum, and Polkadot, whose primary goal is to solve related problems. Hoskinson explained that the XRP smart contract system needs to be decentralized. He noted that the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and an interbank settlement system are decentralized instead.

A few months ago, Hoskinson made headlines due to his bold opinions about the most popular cryptocurrency communities. In the previous week, Hoskinson made the news, criticizing El Salvador’s Bitcoin Beach. The criticism came after a letter tagged the Ordinal Inscriptions as “shitcoins.”

Hoskinson, on his end, has received more harsh complaints from the XRP community due to his past opinion on the ETHGate scandal. Previous commenters on the ETHGate debate claim that the United States SEC gave ETH a free hand. The discussion ended with the majority believing that SEC strongly believes that Ether is not a security.

Hoskinson has also expressed doubt in his plans to collaborate with the XRP online community because of what is termed “personal harassment” on his person, and the utter inability to stage a reasonable conversation. In reaction to Hoskinson’s comments, the XRP community had replied with harassing memes, and fishing out allegations of corruption revolving about the animosity features. 

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