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Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has confirmed his willingness to acquire CoinDesk (a crypto-centered media outlet). He stated that CoinDesk seems to be overpriced. As per him, $200 million is the present price of the platform. He added that the decision would be made by him following a thorough review of the platform’s books.

Charles Hoskinson Says $200M Is an Overpriced Figure for CoinDesk’s Acquisition

Hoskinson mentioned that his media interest is wide and he pays considerable attention to reaching journalistic integrity for another time. The Cardano CEO asserted that his platform had obtained bad press during the previous time as several outlets in the media sector had been compelled to spread particular schemas. He referred to the instances of how The Block was funded by FTX.

According to Hoskinson, this could modify if they get incentivized economically to check the facts of the media houses. In his words, when something is published by someone, the authors place wealth on the table. If the written thing turns out to be inaccurate or untrue, the money can be lost by them.

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The Cardano founder additionally disclosed that the people reading the respective writing could get a unique method to communicate with new stories via non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

He suggested that the feature of viewing every story in the form of a living object would be remarkable. Hoskinson revealed the incentives would keep his blockchain company from impacting the media reports.

As he elaborated, the readers would enthusiastically question as well as communicate with the reporting. The Cardano executive is of the view that this move would shield the media’s autonomous reporting.

Many reasons were provided by Hoskinson for his perception that $200 million was more than the justified price for CoinDesk. He thinks that it is possible to invest between $5 and $10M to develop a relatively better-decentralized institution.

He explained that such an institution would outperform its competitors in a few years. The CEO brought to the front that the metaverse component of CoinDesk is deficient. However, Hoskinson admitted that the video perspective of the firm is fine. He specified that the company was attempting to establish its video project. Nonetheless, it could not gain much popularity.

A Study Reveals Cardano Is the Most Favorite Crypto in African Zone

The Cardano founder considers that CoinDesk could take part in many collaborations. As Hoskinson puts it, a collaboration with Messari (a crypto analytics company) would be beneficial for both of the platforms.

Recently, a report was published by Coin Kick-off regarding crypto assets. The study brought to the front that Cardano has become the most popular crypto asset in the African region.

The study utilized the data present on social media companies and examined it via Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this way, it conducted the ranking of the cryptocurrencies in line with the sentiments of the consumers.

In this respect, Coin Kick-off used Twitter’s cashtag feature to match it with the geotagged location of the respective assets. More than 800,000 posts on Twitter permitted them to organize the study.

The findings pointed out that the residents of Tunisia, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya are mostly interested in Cardano. The other regions preferring Cardano take into account Puerto Rico and Switzerland. As per the report, Cardano has outcompeted even Avalanche, Ethereum, and Solana in the respective areas.

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