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Blockchain.com Has Introduced a New Utility for Users Making Crypto-Transactions



Jun 23, 2021

As the cryptocurrency industry is constantly gaining popularity and growth in adoption rate, cryptocurrency exchanges are coming up with different solutions to make their platforms more attractive.

Every cryptocurrency platform is trying its best to introduce new products and utilities to its users. The cryptocurrency firms are constantly pacing to overtake other firms in terms of developments, progress, and products.

This way, these firms can attract more crowds towards their platforms and increase their trading volumes, gaining more ground in the crypto-verse. Furthermore, the cryptocurrency firms are also focusing on regulatory impositions.

No matter how much the cryptocurrency industry may try to evade regulations, they are still impacting the crypto-verse a lot. This is the reason why cryptocurrency firms and major exchanges are leaning towards regulatory adoption.

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In the cryptocurrency industry, the major concern is money laundering. Almost every country is concerned about the rise in money laundering through the usage of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the exchanges are trying their best to keep themselves in the good books of regulators. They are also adopting new strategies to make their transactions look more convenient and easily traceable for regulators’ approval.

When it comes to bringing innovation to the crypto-sector, Blockchain.com has introduced a utility for its users. Blockchain.com a major cryptocurrency wallet provider has announced that it is integrating its services with Unstoppable Domains.

The firm has revealed that with the integration, the firm will be able to offer a lot of convenience to its users when making transactions for cryptocurrencies.

The announcement related to the integration of its services into Blockchain.com was made by Unstoppable Domains on Thursday, June 24, 2021.

Blockchain.com currently has 32 million verified and active users benefiting from the cryptocurrency platform. With the latest integration, the 32 million users on Blockchain.com would be able to send their transactions in a new way.

As per details provided by Unstoppable Domains, the users would be able to send funds to other users with username integrated into the transactions. This way, the users would not have to add the full address of the cryptocurrency wallets.

Blockchain.com has revealed that the reason behind the integration of the utility is to let users transfer funds with a lot of conveniences. It is a common thing for every human to make mistakes and when it comes to complex addresses and keys, the error margin increases significantly.

Therefore, the new solution would offer great help to the users and it would minimize the chances of errors for users when transferring funds. The new technology would help users on Blockchain.com to make simplified transfers to 50 other exchanges and wallets.

These 50 exchanges and wallets are currently supported by Unstoppable Domains. Some of the major exchanges Unstoppable Domains currently supports include MyEtherWallet, Coinbase wallet, and others.


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