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Bitcoin & Ethereum amongst Top Gainers of 2021



Nov 18, 2021

Statistics show which particular crypto coins were amongst the top earners and gainers in the past 12 months i.e. November 2020 till November 2021.

The year 2021, has been one of the top gaining years for the entire crypto economy. There was not a single crypto coin, which hadn’t earned any gains during the years. In fact, each and every single piece of digital currency, has made phenomenal gains where the average gains are from 250% to 70,000%.

However, there are 12 cryptocurrencies whose gains were not only phenomenal but allowed global crypto market capital to transition into a US$3 Trillion economy.

At the present moment, there are more than 7500 cryptocurrencies in the world. Also, there are more than 523 crypto trading platforms globally. The leading crypto coin of the world by its value and market cap is still the first-ever digital currency of the world namely Bitcoin. The lead coin’s gains for the last year can be averaged at 261%. In addition, Bitcoin’s market valuation has gone past US$ 1 Trillion, which makes up to 40% of the entire crypto-economy roughly. At present, Bitcoin’s value is more than 60 thousand dollars.

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The next in line, the most valued crypto coin after Bitcoin, is that of Ethereum, also known as “ETH”. EHT has been exchanging hands today at a price of US$ 4,218. In terms of its gains, since November 2020, the value of ETH coins has soared at an average of 819%.

However, there were some other digital currencies, which though new entrants in comparison with Bitcoin and ETH, but their gains were higher than both.

For instance, in the past twelve months, the top gainer cryptocurrency is “Axie Infinity”, also known as “AXS”. Although AXS’s market is limited yet it enjoys the title of being the top gainer of 2020-21. The value of AXS has increased by more than 27,232% which is higher than any other crypto coin. The interesting fact about AXS is that though it is a cryptocurrency yet it is not the same as Bitcoin and Ethereum. AXS was initially issued as in-game token money, which is purchasable, saleable, and exchange within the game known as “Axie Infinity”.

Amongst the top earners after AXS are native tokens of ecomi.com namely OMI whose value has surged by 16,545% in 2020-21. A third is the CVNT, a tokenized crypto developed and issued by Conscious Value Network, whose gains averaged at 16,327%. The fourth and fifth spots have been taken by LUNA and FTM with their gains averaging up to 13,701% and 11,178% respectively.

While the majority of crypto coins were huge gainers, yet there were a handful of digital currencies that failed to earn any gains. In fact, they lost values in between 90 to 98% and included currencies such as Blockmason, CHERRY, LIEN, ESD, Hyperion, GVT, etc.


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