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Binance, the biggest exchange of cryptocurrency in the world, has disclosed plans to call off crypto cards in the EEA. This development takes place amidst the strong regulatory burden on the top exchange in many jurisdictions around the globe. As per a post, Binance validated its plans to cancel the Visa Debit Card Services within the EEA.

Binance Announces the Dismissal of Visa Debit Card in EEA Jurisdictions

The platform will terminate in all twenty-seven member states within the European Union together with Norway, Lichtenstein, and Iceland. The Seychelles-based platform had formerly shared this move with the impacted clients through email. Several sources disclosed that Binance Visa Debit card’s issuing forum Finansines passages ‘Contis’ (UAB) is terminating the project.

In the upcoming couple of months, the issuer will call off the respective project. The Visa Debit Card is among several products of Binance that permit clients to rapidly swap cryptocurrency assets. Hence, the users can swap the respective assets in the Binance-based accounts for native fiat currencies. In this way, they can utilize their respective assets to buy out services and goods.

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After the official statement of the exchange, the users in the EEA region cannot utilize the card service. The card has become non-functional, depriving the EEA clients of its services. Back in April last year, the well-known crypto exchange introduced the Refugee Crypto Card service to support people in Ukraine. It intended to enable financial transfers for the war-stricken people in the EEA-based countries.

Experts Say the Decision Indicates Binance’s New Setback

By this, the crypto exchange focused on meeting the respective people’s instant financial requirements. Despite this, this project will be argued parallel to the rest of the card service of the exchange in the European Economic Area. For several crypto enthusiasts and market speculators, the announcement of Binance to cancel the service indicates its new setback. At present, Binance is facing increasing regulatory scrutiny around the world.

Back in August, an analogous event took place where Mastercard (the giant payment service provider)made a significant decision. It terminated the crypto card collaboration with Binance, compelling the exchange to call off its card-related services in the Middle East and Latin America. For context, the crypto exchange is presently going through an investigation in Australia and France.

In addition to this, the authorities in Germany, Netherlands, and Austria have denied operational licenses for it during the previous few months. In the meantime, the crypto exchange is witnessing a frantic court fight with the SEC of the US. According to the expectations, the platform will clear thirteen criminal allegations that the securities regulator of the US raised.

Crypto Exchange Sees Several New Challenges Around the World

In the current week, the reports have brought to the front another situation concerning the US affiliate of Binance “Binance.US.” The company reportedly has suspended the withdrawals of the US dollar by the clients. Keeping this in view, the crypto exchange’s US affiliate has become a crypto-only platform.

Back in June last year, Binance.US has made another significant development. At that time, the platform terminated the deposits in dollars after the SEC’s reported pressure on the banking collaborators of the crypto exchange. In this respect, those platforms were compelled by the regulatory agency to terminate the entirety of the existing arrangements regarding business.

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