• Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

The co-founder of Binance, Yi He, tweeted about the launchpad and promised to find better projects. This came after several months of inactivity. This tweet’s impact on BNB’s response demonstrates the rise in public trust in the Binance network. 

While Binance launchpool is more focused on DeFi-tech and enables investors to fund tokens like BNB and BUSD and earn recently released tokens, Binance launchpad assists new cryptocurrency projects in releasing coins at an early stage and garnering community attention.

The two tools offered by the service have been in use for a while. The co-founder of the Binance network, Yi He, thanked the Binance users for having the desire to back up the two prominent Binance projects. 

Searching for projects to launch

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Finding brand-new undertakings is another indication of how much the community values you. Launchpad has not been used for several weeks. According to reports, the 2 Binance-related startup instruments have been largely dormant lately. Since March of this year, there haven’t been any sales on Launchpad. The last Initial Exchange Offering on Launchpad Binance took place in March. Many people were interested in it at the time. 

Hashflow, the extremely successful new project that recently became the pool’s 31st registered project, was recently seen on the comparatively dormant pool. Stakeholders invested Binance tokens in various locations, making Hashflow the pool’s 31st registered project. The latter was announced to be listed on several crypto trading platforms after a brief period of time and some publicity. 

The new projects’ benefits

The new projects give the clients a chance to purchase recently released coins at a discount and quickly turn a profit. There hasn’t been a chance for investors to profit on the two platforms for months, as evidenced by the two launchpools on Binance’s inactivity. The two Binance tools’ continued community support must therefore be acknowledged. Yi He tweeted that BNB coin prices increased significantly—by about 2 percent. 

The price volatility linked to Yi He’s tweet was concealed by the bullish stance taken by the cryptocurrency market today. A few of the most significant coins in terms of market capitalization during that time also underwent severe losses. 

Alvin Hayes

Alvin Hayes

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