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Billionaire Frank Giustra labels Bitcoin as ‘anti-fiat’ and a CBDC competition



Oct 23, 2022

Frank Giustra, the Chief Executive at executive investment management firm, Fiore Group, has stated that the development of Bitcoin (BTC) represents a considerable danger to the current fiat money framework. He also noted that great regulators would exceed all expectations to contain rivalry.

Giustra further said the global economy is moving to a digitized world, with Bitcoin as the currency of choice. The billionaire business tycoon predicted a money-related framework reset. He made these assertions during a recent meeting with Stansberry Exploration on October 22.

Hence, the tycoon believed that Bitcoin could weaken the influence of government-issued types of money. Thus, this represents a danger to the conceivable foundation of national digital currencies (CBDCs) in regions like the US.

“They will make their national bank advanced cash like every other person on the planet, and they won’t need rivalry. So I see Bitcoin as an enemy of sovereign fiat play. I foresee a money-related reset where everyone is going to do something different that consolidates computerized monetary forms in anything that they make; the last thing they will need is the opposition from Bitcoin,” he said.

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The US Crypto System

The US continues to progress in its quest to establish a crypto regulatory framework, prompting Giustra to say that the US moves of is to be ahead in terms of blockchain technology and not only cryptocurrencies.

Strikingly, various US government agencies have submitted proposals on performing oversight functions over crypto per President Joe Biden’s Request. However, most of these government agencies are still in massive support of launching a national digital currency.

Despite his most recent opinions on Bitcoin, it is significant that Giustra had previously claimed that the leading digital asset is the solution to the world’s financial woes. But now, he has a bitcoin investment portfolio and continues to accumulate more Bitcoins.

In a past discussion with Bitcoin enthusiast and MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor, Giustra alleged that his local area hasn’t felt the impact of cryptocurrency. But, generally speaking, Giustra is a huge believer in investment portfolio diversification.


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