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Big Things in Pipeline for DOGE as Developers Launch Tipping and Wallet Platforms



Dec 29, 2022

So much has been going on for the largest meme coin, Dogecoin (DOGE) in the running year. In the past few months, the meme coin has seen multiple ups and downs.

This has put the future of the meme coin in great danger. It is currently not known what the future of the meme coin is going to be. However, the asset has been facing a major downtrend in the past few days.

This is because nothing positive seems to be finding its way to DOGE lately. Even the Elon Musk (charm) factor does not seem to be working in favor of the largest meme coin.

New Tech Upgrades for DOGE

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For months, the DOGE community has been eager to get a confirmation from Elon Musk about the Twitter 2.0 platform. He had promised to integrate the meme coin into Twitter as a mode of payment.

Musk is yet to confirm whether it is going to be true in the Twitter 2.0 upgrade or not.

While the Twitter factor is still lingering, the developers behind Dogecoin are coming up with newer kinds of upgrades for the meme coin.

Dogecoin Tipping Jar

The developers behind Dogecoin have announced that they have just finished work on a newer kind of service for the meme coin.

According to the officials, they have launched Dogecoin Tipping Jar for the community, which was a highly anticipated service.

The developer even took it to Twitter to share the launch of the new service for the Dogecoin community. The new service has been dubbed “TipMySite”.

This utility can be added to any website so the people visiting the particular site can appreciate the efforts of the developers by tipping them in DOGE.

It is the same utility that was once offered by Elon Musk to Twitter’s CEO (Jack Dorsey) back in 2021. However, the proposal remained an idea that is yet to be implemented through the Twitter platform.

The utility of the Dogecoin Tip Jar is to appreciate the hard work of the developers and tip them Dogecoin.

The teams behind the development of Dogecoin are hopeful that the new upgrade is going to bring in a significant amount of adoption for DOGE.

This way the usage of DOGE will rise in the industry, making it a common currency that people are used to tipping the developers they appreciate.

DOGE Tip Jar to be adopted on a Wide Scale

It is expected that the new application is going to work out like a charm not only for the DOGE community but also for the developers.

The meme coin has gained enough prominence that people from all over the world know about the asset already. The Dogecoin developers have come up with the right kind of application at the right time for the asset.

Every website or blog operator will have the opportunity of adding the Dogecoin Tip Jar to their website. With the developers adding the application to their websites, more traffic will gain exposure to DOGE.

If they do not know about DOGE already, they will definitely get to know about the meme coin by interacting with the websites that have the feature installed.

Dogecoin is working on a Self-Custody Wallet

The teams at Dogecoin have dropped an update on the self-custody wallet they have been working on. Yes, Dogecoin developers are busy working on MyDoge Wallet, which is going to be a self-custody wallet.

It is going to be of great use to the users and they will be able to benefit tremendously from the wallet.

Most importantly, it is going to be a self-custody wallet so the people using the wallet will not be worried about their funds.

The users will be able to use the wallet on multiple platforms and venues such as Google Play, Amazon, App Store, and many more.


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