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Best Crypto News Websites to Follow in 2021



Oct 5, 2021

Cryptocurrency and blockchain have become two of the hottest topics these days and are gaining a lot of traction. Whether for fun, or for the purpose of investment, an increasing number of people are taking an interest in these digital currencies. This industry is involving very rapidly, which means that advancements are occurring at a lightning-fast pace. If you have decided to enter this space, you will need to stay updated with whatever is happening in the market. This is where crypto news websites can come in handy because they help you in staying up-to-date.

But, which crypto news websites should you follow? There are a ton of them that exist and you need to know those that can offer you the latest and most authentic news. Some of the best ones to stick to in 2021 are:


This is one of the leading names in the list of crypto news websites that are dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrency. It began publishing back in 2003 and has grown tremendously since then. It has done an excellent job of providing readers with authentic news about the crypto industry. Whether you want to know about any new crypto being launched or keep track of the fluctuation in the Bitcoin Price Index, CoinDesk is the platform for you.

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If you are in search of a dedicated news website that will provide you details for everything relevant to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, then you will find CoinTelegraph to be the perfect fit. It is one of the popular and active crypto news websites that post on a daily basis to keep its readers updated. You can learn about what is happening in the crypto market and the best part is that the website is available in a number of languages, including Spanish, Brazilian, Japanese, English, Serbian, and many more.


Another dedicated news website that offers all the latest news pertaining to the crypto market is CCN. It is based in Norway and has shot to fame because of its accurate reporting of all things crypto. As a matter of fact, it also gives access to accurate blockchain insights and other essential information regarding the market, such as crypto news, ICO Calendar, DLT events, market cap and more. Other than news, you can also polish your knowledge about the industry through their blog section.


The good thing about this famous news website is that it acquires information from a number of sources, which gives you access to an abundance of news about the crypto and blockchain industry. It takes references from websites like CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk, CCN and more. It works more like a news aggregator that shares the trending news in the crypto space.


A renowned crypto and blockchain news platform, NewsBTC should be your go-to website for keeping up with the latest occurrences in the industry. It covers reviews, technical analysis and other vital details about the blockchain and crypto community. You will also find a wide range of articles and news published on a daily basis on the website and you can also gain insights into the industry. They have also added plenty of educational materials, event calendars as well as ICO listings.


There is no doubt that one of the best crypto news site that can offer you a wealth of information is CoinMarketCap. They have graphs and charts that keep track of the prices of different cryptocurrencies across various exchanges. The website also updates regularly, which means you can get all the crucial information in real-time. As a matter of fact, this website can also be used as an ICO tracker where users can find token sales data from recently completed projects or upcoming ones. You can also get insights on the number of tokens that were sold in a period and the percentage that was raised.


Even though its name is associated with Bitcoin, the website covers other cryptocurrencies as well. Not only do you get news relating to cryptocurrencies, but can also get about the blockchain industry. There are a ton of articles posted on a daily basis that will keep you updated about the latest happenings.


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